The 1st Born Son

Forgive me, my friends.  I don't have it in me to be fired up about what is going on in our crazy political world today.  On this particular day, I can't think clearly about what it will take for people of good conscience to right the wrongs that are robbing us of the kind of... Continue Reading →

Dear POC: We Get Depressed Too

People Need Help Coping Sometimes- And That Includes Black People. Enjoy This Terrific Piece on Mental Health Issues And Overcoming The Old Stigma Of Therapy.

Above the Storm

*I was inspired by a part in the interview I did with Anna from Respychl about mental health. My interview is part of a series on her blog, please check it out!

When I was in the 11th grade, my father told me that during his meeting with the school principals, they suggested I see a counselor. My father refused. He said I didn’t need to speak to anyone about my problems because I am African, and Africans don’t get depressed. Africans don’t get depressed because, despite a post-colonial history of poverty and war, Africans manage to find happiness at the end of the day, my father said.

I was a little upset; it was a new school, and I didn’t know what to make of how I was feeling. I didn’t know much about depression but I did think I had experienced it as a 13-year-old angry little girl…

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History Will Judge Us On These 6 Issues

History has a way of distilling truths down to their bare essence over time- no matter how complex the issues may have seemed as they unfolded.  In any case you can imagine there is a fair and objective judgment of those participating in historically significant events and living during trying times.  The judgment is simply... Continue Reading →

The Black Panther & The Silver Lining

I can make this announcement with great certainty and confidence because I saw it with my own eyes: Black Panther brought Americans together this weekend.  When America really needed a super-hero to step in and save us from ourselves - and Vladimir Putin -the Black Panther was there.  And he kicked ass.  Normally this sentiment... Continue Reading →

Income Inequality & Cruel Reality

It is time for a large-scale check-up from the neck-up.  The only way we could have elected the manifestly unqualified and ill-suited Donald Trump to the presidency is if there was something seriously wrong with us.  By "us" I mean those of us on the progressive end of the political spectrum- or as I like... Continue Reading →

No Love For Mia Love (Strong Language)

So NOW Utah Congresswoman Mia Love wants to take a stand.  She has called on President Trump to apologize for referring to Haiti and African nations as "shit-hole" countries.  She finds his comments to be offensive, inappropriate and not reflective of the values of our great nation.  And I want to take a stand too. ... Continue Reading →


This is a hard time for America.  We are being brought face to face with ourselves and those of us who are conscious do not like what we see.  I realize how worn many of us are of hearing this but Donald Trump is not the cause of our problems right now.  He certainly embodies... Continue Reading →

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