Progressives have been way too polite for way too long.  Many of us have had enough.  Because we have been so polite, we have been getting our asses kicked in elections and culture wars that we should be winning by knock-outs.  The Progressive Express (PE) is a communications platform committed to reversing that trend.  What passes for “Conservatism” these days is a toxic ideology and cult of personality that is hurting people and this is one star in the galaxy of political discourse where we will point that out aggressively and unapologetically.  But that is not enough.  Progressives are also in desperate need of new ideas and new energies to fuel the fight for the future.  PE will be a launching pad for such ideas and a thought lab for creating such energies.  The language may be raw and rough but the ideas that come out of here will be pristine in both logic and intent.

I am D.V.H. Esquire and I started this platform for progressives that want to lead a bold exploration and excavation of today’s current political and cultural debates.  It has rarely been as important as it is right now that we get these arguments right and that we win them.  That is the work of The Progressive Express but all work and no play makes a dull blog.  On the lighter side, PE will frequently engage in discussions on pop culture and offer visitors daily insights on life and living it well.

Progressives know these are dark days but this is when the biggest and the best things in life can happen.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  And in that vein PE offers you well wishes from our favorite artist of all time:  May U live 2 see the dawn.

∞ π

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