The Pit Bull, The AR-15 & American Accountability

There was a terrifying incident of random violence at an elementary school in North Carolina last year.  Seven young children sustained horrible and painful injuries.  Hundreds more children in the school will share with them the mental and emotional trauma of this unforeseen attack.  Flesh was torn and blood was spilled.  Hearts pumped fear and... Continue Reading →

The Silent Scandal At The Supreme Court

Most Americans do not spend much time thinking about the Supreme Court.  It is in the news occasionally but for many of us it is only a little more interesting than the war in Afghanistan, but significantly less interesting than the latest Twitter attack launched by the unhinged White House occupant.  This is why the... Continue Reading →

More Mischief on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

It is time for another check-up from the neck-up on MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Let's get the big take-away out of the way up front:  Democratic politicians, pundits, candidates, and operatives should take NO counsel from Joe Scarborough or Mika Brzenski.  If they do, they deserve to lose.  Anyone inclined to take advice or gain valuable... Continue Reading →

Stacey Abrams Is Above The Presidency

Now that Joe Biden is in and the number of declared Democratic candidates has reached 20, it is safe to close the class.  We've got all the candidates we need to makes sure that every segment of our voting body is well represented.  In the event that every single one of those candidates drives home... Continue Reading →

Bursting The Buttigieg Bubble

Coming out and saying something unpopular cannot be nearly as hard as coming out of the closet as homosexual- but they both have their risks and benefits.  In both cases, the "coming out" provides a relief of not having to pretend anymore- of just being authentic and letting the chips fall where they may.  That... Continue Reading →

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