The 1st Born Son

Forgive me, my friends.  I don't have it in me to be fired up about what is going on in our crazy political world today.  On this particular day, I can't think clearly about what it will take for people of good conscience to right the wrongs that are robbing us of the kind of... Continue Reading →

CALL ME AL (a P.E. Short-Take)

This short-take is in honor of my man Senator Al Franken who announced his resignation from the Senate on Thursday and has turned the political world on its ear.  Al is a smart guy and a damned good Senator but he turned out to be a little too forward from time to time with women... Continue Reading →

Double Vision (A PE Short)

What you see looking back at you in the mirror may not always be an entirely accurate reflection of who you are.  It may only tell part of the story because, as these twins demonstrate, what reflects on the outside may not capture what is really there.  Our eyes may modify or even outright lie... Continue Reading →

The Battle Of The Binge

We all know the joy of binge watching some television show we have discovered on Netflix that really hit us in the right spot. Maybe the show came out three or four seasons ago but we never got around to checking it out. We heard the buzz but it just got away from us. Then... Continue Reading →

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