More Irresponsible Disinformation for White People to Feel Good about Inaction

We Can’t Fix Problems When We Discount Their Impact or Deny Their Existence

The View from the Armchair

I just saw this gem of a meme of Facebook:


The neat thing about memes such as this one is you can pack a lot of disinformation in a very small space.

First off, none of these percentages is based on anything at all.

The reference to “a virus” is logically the coronavirus causing COVID-19. The “99%” claim here is actually verifiable. Based on the available data, COVID-19 has a mortality rate between 4 and 5% in the US, and may have long-term negative health implications for 20% or more of those that recover. So the first assertion is not simply wrong; it’s a lie, and a dangerous one.

The “99.95%” references that follow are just silly, made-up percentages, derived from nothing at all. They are lies as well.

“We have some racists” is a deliberate attempt to distract from or downplay the reality of systemic racism. This mentality serves…

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