IPSO FACTO NUTSO- It’s Officially Time To Tap Out On Trump

In the middle of last week I finally tapped out.  I can’t watch Donald Trump anymore.  I can’t listen to his voice anymore.  I can’t read his Tweets anymore.  I am done.  For three years I had continued to watch him in the name of responsible civic engagement although I have known everything I needed to know about him for quite a long time.


In fact, I was on record identifying him as a total fraud and a collossal waste of white male privilige years before he descended that escalator to the applause of a crowd of paid actors.

I know I am not the only one to reach my limit in the early spring of 2020.  My breaking point came when one of his zany, free-style, ad-lib, ad-hoc public pronouncements led him to suggest that leading scientists explore human beings injesting disinfectant chemicals or ultraviolet light to kill the coronavirus.  That was it for me.  As plainly as it can be stated, that comment AND his pathetic walk back 48 hours later, was proof positive that Trump is NUTS.  There are no more questions to answer about who this guy is and what it means to have him leading the United States goverment.  It is crystal clear that by every metric applied to every president before him,  Trump is 100% unreliable, 100% unaccountable, and 100% self-serving.  In sum, he is the exact opposite of what America claims to want in its leader.


But not only that- anyone defending Trump is crazy, too.  At this stage of the game, candor is far more valuable than civility.  When you start meeting crazy half-way, then you become half-crazy yourself.  And being half-crazy is like being half-pregnant- there is no such thing.

We are in an electoral war right now to ward off the American apocalypse and our fight is against crazy people.   And we had better understand that those crazy people defending the guy recommending we injest Lysol have the advantages of a grossly uneven battlefield and incumbancy.  We can see clearly who they are but we need to see clearly who we are in order to win this war.  And watching another dumpster fire Trump presser is not going to help us.  It actually may hurt us.

The reality is that if we, the sane people, do not turn out to vote Trump’s crazy ass out of office then we deserve to suffer the dire consequences awaiting us.  If we lack the political maturity to get over the stupid squabbles inside of the Democratic party and power up for this fight it is our fault and nobody elses’.   We have a one word gameplan to follow through with: VOTE.  If we are not galvanized enough by Trump’s “sarcastic suggestion” to drink Lysol then we deserve to watch the crazy people’s favorite president ever take the oath of office again on January 21st and then turn around and break that oath into a thousand pieces again by January 22nd.  We have seen enough to know that he will NOT faithfully defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  We have seen enough to know that he will NOT defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  These are no longer points of speculation about what he might do.  These are points of fact standing on evidence of what he has already done.

And he has told us, ad nauseum, that everything he has done has been right and perfect so why on Earth would he do anything with a second term but go even farther?  And why do we need to watch him say it anymore?  We don’t.  All that is left for us to do is to vote or die.  Literally.

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