There was a time when a piece like this one would have been purely a work of satire.  That time has passed.  As we approach the 2020 general election it is a fair question to ask if the United States of America needs to permit the sucession that it fought a war to prevent a century and a half ago.  Since chattel slavery was defeated and has no chance of rising again- whether or not the South does- the considerations are quite different now and should be taken up.  If for no other reason than it would be worth elevating this extreme thought exercise to call the bluff of the welfare recipient states of this country who hold such hostility for the donor states.


Let Kentucky find out how it feels to be dependent solely on Texas for support because it doesn’t have New York anymore.  Let Louisiana find out how it feels to survive without the gold provided to them by The Golden State of California.  Let’s see how Mississippi can get along without the states of New England footing the bill.

This is not to suggest that all of the states that fought in the Union Army were utopian- in fact the opposite is true.  And there may even be some states out west or in the barren north that decide they’d want to jump on the AmerExit bandwagon for entirely cultural reasons.  I say let them go.  The arithmetic says that all of the bright red states would collapse into chaos in short order if they did not have the reliably blue states to stabilize them financially and even culturally.  And when I say culturally, I mean that it would be nearly impossible for Alabama and Georgia to sustain themselves for the future when 80% of its young professionals get the hell out of dodge because they have no interest in living in a Handmaid’s Tale-style Theocracy.  And be forewarned: these right-wing Christian Evangelicals are NOT the people who you want governing your state unrestrained.


Of course it would be quite a blow to the good ol’ US of A to accept that by letting fifteen or twenty of our states opt-out that it would essentially be conceding to a smaller role on the world stage.  But how much more diminished would we be by being a leaner, smarter, more efficient and more coherent nation than being the behemoth that we are now that cannot even govern its elections well enough to have a legitimate “one person one vote” system?  This current system is so grossly gerrymandered and Electoral College infected that what we actually have is an entrenched system of electoral apartheid.  Yes, race is at the core of all of this and despite the fever-dreams of the Bugaloos and the Lost Boys, black folks are not going anywhere.  And since nobody is leaving, it may very well be time to consider a massive legal restructuring- and leave it to the people to vote on it just like they did in Brexit.

It is debatable when the exact moment was that the United States of America took one bite too many from the political termites that had been vigorously gnawing away at its governing infrastructure since 1980.  My bet is that last bite came on inauguration day of 2009.  When the Republican leadership- both political and cultural- held a secret meeting at a nearby location and took a blood oath of obstruction against the incoming president.  They decided to attempt a late term abortion on Barack Obama’s presidency and that they would do so without anesthetic.  He was being sworn in only a few miles away but they would kill his presidency before it could even draw breath.  They failed and have been crazed with anger ever since.  The Republican power-brokers in attendance gave strict marching orders afterwards to all of their minions who lacked the power or profile to be invited to Frank Luntz’s fancy-pants D.C. steakhouse conspiracy meeting.  That was the day that AmerExit was born.  When Trump was elected eight years later, it was full-grown and walking.  Now it should walk out the door.

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Trump’s wrecking-ball style demolition of presidential norms along with Constitutional and criminal laws makes it plain that those who support him are not committed to the United States of America at all.  They want something new and I think we should let them have it.  The contract attorneys, forensic accountants and the masters they serve can figure out the details.  There is no shortage of smart people who can fill in the blanks here- and there are many to be filled.  It would take years.  But enough is enough with these Confederate flag waving fools.  It is time to leave the gate open, let them out and let the chips fall.

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4 thoughts on “AMEREXIT- Divided We FELL

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  1. Louisianna is a recipient state. Period. If they could get by without the financial support from blue states then let them do it. The math is the math. Texas is the only red state that could swing it. Misspelling notwithstanding.


    1. Math is math. It belongs to nobody. Just read the budgets. Your state’s budget will tell you the story. Your state is on the federal dole. Either it can survive financially on its own and it chooses not to, or it cannot survive on its own. Neither option is worth a damn.
      Your decision to attack me reflects the weakness of your position.
      It is true that I am more concerned with math than with spelling. You keep focusing on the spelling and the style of the symbols I choose. Meanwhile, your state can’t even take care of its own people. Being at or near the bottom in education, healthcare and per capita income reflects the values of the leadership. You being a cheerleader won’t change that.

      Keep reading and enjoying my pieces though. Maybe something will get through.


      1. You said you were done. That gave me the distinct impression that you were… done. Your obsession with communicating with me is peculiar. You don’t like my essay. I get it. And I dig that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Evidently what I wrote hit a nerve and it really hurt. I understand. The truth does that. When your state is near rock bottom of every statistical category that measures quality of life (education, healthcare, income, etc.) it makes sense that you would lash out. Because what the hell else can you do? Being a comment-section blog-troll must be a great achievement for you.
        So you keep on reading the essays that I write. And I will keep on not knowing who the hell you are, what the hell you do, or what the hell you have written- besides these bitchy little comments on my blog.


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