The Sins of the Son: What If Hunter Biden Was A Rapist Instead Of A Jackass?

Hunter Biden is a mess.  Drug addictions, sordid sex scandals, paternity lawsuits, and even more issues litter the landscape of his life in recent years.  But since his father is former Vice-President Joe Biden, he is a mess who is rich and largely unscathed by accountability for his sins.  That is what we do in America.  The sons and (sometimes) the daughters of rich men get rewards and opportunities that they have not earned and do not deserve to have by any meritocratic measure.  Far more often than many of us realize, plum positions and posts are not assigned on merit but are handed out based on political pedigree.  But again, that is what we do in America. We do not invest in excellence, we invest in entrenchment.

That is why men get rich once they attain a high office and why they stay in those offices in perpetuity.  Not so they can get richer for themselves (although they invariably do), but so that they have the power and access to make others rich.  That is where lasting power is built and it tends to start with their own family before it ripples out to networks of relatives, friends and strategic allies.  It is all perfectly legal even if it is perfectly corrupting.  This is the reason why bona-fide outsiders are so reviled:  The women of “The Squad” crashed the party and were never meant to be a part of this system that is even older than the nation itself.

So against that back-drop, if I am a foreign corporation that wants to do business with and in the United States, I am going to work within this system to create as many stakeholders as I can on both sides of the isle and at every level of the game.  Anybody who can help my business grow through their contacts or help protect my business when it gets into a jam is of value to me. I can and I will hire whomever I please and pay them whatever we negotiate and I don’t give a damn what Joe BagaDonuts in Knee-Cap, New Jersey thinks about it. That’s the game.

Therefore, if the GOP really wanted to have Hunter Biden appear as a witness during the impeachment trial, Democrats should have agreed to have him testify.  And then- before the formal appearance date was set- they should have formally request and published a list of witnesses they want to call that includes every single worthless son of every single GOP hypocrite in Congress.  These “witnesses” would have known just as much about the “drug deal” that Trump, Guiliani and Mulvaney were cooking up as Hunter Biden would have. Which is to say that they’d have known nothing.   But it would have been theatrical gold and keep the chattering class chattering for quite some time.  In that list, Democrats should have detailed that witness’s job, how much they made, their qualifications for the job, their point of contact to the job and the relationship between their congressional parent/benefactor and that point of contact.  But I would not have limited it to jobs.  I would also have included any lucrative business engagements that have fallen into the lap of these most fortunate offspring.  That would ensure that the list could have started with the famously incompetent and useless Trump children, Ivanka, Eric and Don, Jr.

That would have been enlightening to the public and a good bit of fun.  Few things would beat the sound and fury of a bunch of Brooks Brothers cry-babies who were born on 3rd base stomping their feet and bitching about how hard they worked to get where they are.  Imagine a few thousand red-faced Bret Kavanaughs snarling and frothing in Congressional hearings for months on end.

But even though all of that would be entertaining, it would also miss the point.  The point is that Joe Biden has as much control over the activities of his 40 plus year old son as any other man in America- which is to say none.  You don’t control 40 year old men unless they allow you to control them.  And I am willing to bet that if Joe could control Hunter the first thing he would have told him was not to bed his dead brother’s wife- especially less than a year after he passed away.  Then I am guessing Joe would have used that control to tell him not to knock up some side-chick in Arkansas and bring a grandchild into the world that he and Jill can’t even enjoy.  I’m pretty sure Joe would have prohibited Hunter from using cocaine and ruining his Navy record.  Considering all of that, Joe Biden in no position to tell Hunter Biden to turn down his radio, much less turn down a $600K a year paycheck for some company he probably never heard of in a country he probably knew little about.  And all Hunter had to do for all that money is take a few trans-Atlantic flights and be named “Biden.”   The very suggestion that he did is foolish by the kindest description.  And for the record, every man in America would have taken that money unless he was already rich enough not to miss it.

Does a man’s lack of control over his middle-aged son compromise his character, his competence or his fitness in any way?  The very suggestion is ridiculous on its face.  If a son is convicted of rape, do we charge the father with complicity.  Is he accountable for his son’s lascivious nature and should that be a point of discussion when judging the father at all?  Of course not.  So why in the hell did the media even cover Hunter Biden at all?  It is a non-issue and it is media malpractice. And worst of all it probably helped Trump by creating the early diversion he so desperately needed.  Trump doesn’t need a Biden conviction.  He just needed the STORY.  Just like the evidence from the impeachment trial made clear, all Trump really needs is the media to play along and he can do the rest.  Few men in America would hate being judged based on the character of their adult sons more than Trump men- both Fred and Donald.  So this new spin in political discourse where the sins of the son are being used against the father has to be stomped out aggressively by any responsible media outlets that are left.  If not, we will have “Hillary’s Emails Part II” playing all across America this November.


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