When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Life is made of cycles.  Sometimes we ride the cycles and sometimes we steer our way through them.  That makes it hard to tell if we are we in control of what happens in our lives or  if things are just “meant to be.”  Like Forrest Gump explained at the emotional end of his journey with his beloved Jenny “I think maybe its both.”

We Live In A Cosmic Tug-of-War Between Choice and Destiny That We Won’t Truly Understand Until We Get To The Other Side And Ask The Only One Who Knows

In the meantime, when we are in a part of our life cycle that we do not like or find ourselves in a place that we don’t want to be, we should remember that some of mankind’s most impressive structures are built on top of ruins.  Where one great structure or even a great civilization had collapsed to rubble, another is built anew in the very same space on the very same ground.


This gleaming city that looks like it came out of a dream is Grozny.  It was built on top of the rubble and ashes left from the Chechnyan war.

Look at what we are capable of when we focus on what we can do instead of focusing on what we’ve been through.

So after the walls come tumbling down on anything, we just have to visualize what we want to do, where we want to be and when we need to be there.  And then we build on top of what has fallen.

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