American Redemption: Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris Can End Trump in 2020 (Strong Language)

Democrats should have been more honest in 2016.   A lot of us bought into the limp-d*ck loser mentality of letting the opponent dictate the rules of the fight.  Looking  back on it we were probably beaten before the bell rang for the first round and didn’t even know it.  Somewhere along the way we got convinced that it was impolitic or ineffective to just come out and say that it is long past time for America to elect a woman to the presidency.  Of course which woman we elect means far more than just electing a woman- we all know there is a world of difference between a woman like Hillary Clinton and a woman like Sarah Palin.


But even throwing up that counter-argument (“you can’t just vote for somebody because of their sex“) is sexist as hell because it presupposes that the choices of qualified women are any less abundant than the choices of qualified men for the office.  The suggestion is that quality would have to be compromised if we decided that we were going to select a woman as our party standard bearer.

But as we head into 2020 that conservative talking point will prove to be expired.  The Democratic Party has finally reached the point where our very best candidates for the nomination by every metric are also women.  Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are the thunder and lightening combination that can rid the nation of the humiliation of the Trump presidency.  They can and they will accomplish this mission if only we have the nuts and guts to get behind them and let them do what they do.


The only way that America can redeem itself from the catastrophic f*ck up of electing Trump is to have him replaced by two women who are manifestly superior to him in every way that you can judge a public servant.  And these women are.  And he knows it.  And he is already scared of Elizabeth Warren.  He can talk that Pocahontas sh*t all he wants but you can tell by his attacks on her when she wasn’t even on the ballot that he doesn’t want anything to do with that fight.  You would have thought she called him a soulless coward like Greg Popovich did.

These women have different styles but both of them are sure-footed fighters and are unafraid to whip arrogant white men into submission when necessary.  Watch them in action and you will see exactly what I am talking about.  That is the only way to make Trump and Pense shrivel up on stage with the whole world watching.  No disrespect to Tim Kaine but he is the same nondescript, uninspiring middle of the road white guy that blends into the wall and makes Trump and Pense look like virile men and viable leaders by comparison. Frankly, I knew our ass was grass as soon as Hillary picked him.  It wasn’t necessarily his fault but Senator Warren had been burning up the campaign trail and rocking the house for two weeks before the selection of Senator Kaine was announced and you could feel the campaign go limp immediately.




Put Donald Trump on a debate stage with Elizabeth Warren and it will look like some dude feeding a fat mouse to his pet python.  And Mike Pense is a dumb, ultra-right wing ex talk radio show host turned politician.  He is not even in Kamala Harris’ weight class of intellect and watching him retreat to stale talking points while she exudes poise and command will be the stuff of legendary campaign commercials.  But the Democrats have to have the brains and balls to go bold and double down on electing a woman- to actually capitalize on having the biggest hitters in the line-up be women.


The simple fact is its a bad look to be sitting atop the nations of the world passing ourselves off as the shining city on a hill, the world’s last best hope for freedom and justice and all that bullshit and we have shut out 51% of our population from the opportunity to lead us.  And before Barack shocked the world and got elected it was more like 70%.  How in the hell are we cool with that?  Even if we weren’t sitting here with a championship caliber ticket of women we would need to start building one. We need to commit to this because it goes beyond symbolism- it goes to the character of our nation and whether we are ever going to be what we are always saying we are.


If we were serious about correcting our course and aggressively pursuing gender equity we’d have 80% women elected to every office at every level for the next hundred years.  For now, we can start at the top of the government and work our way down.

We got exposed in the last general election and now the whole world knows that Americans are full of sh*t.  We proved that we don’t value anything that we claim to value as voters because we passed over a woman that was more qualified for the presidency than anybody who has ever won a nomination in favor of a man that was the LEAST qualified. We embarrassed ourselves on the world stage with that move and the healing won’t start until we put a woman in the White House.  We can start in 2020 and really turn the country around.  Or we can just stick with the d*cks that are in there now.

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