Warning To Democrats: Looking Weak & Being Weak Are The Same Thing To Voters

The Democratic Party leadership needs a check-up from the neck-up.  I will gladly do the honors.  Madame Speaker, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Nadler and Mr. Clyburne, the following message is especially for you.  There are times in life when you just have to fight; when the fight itself actually carries just as much weight as the result of the fight.  You may go into the fight knowing that you are likely to get beat but you also know that it would be far worse to let somebody get away with whatever was said or done without getting punched in the mouth for it.  Why?  Because if you don’t punch them in the mouth they will most certainly do what they did to you over and over again.  The repeated offense is the cost of your cowardice for not standing on a principle and fighting.   In case Nancy and the crew are not reading this, somebody please pass this message along to them and do it fast.  The last thing we need is for any of them to say anything else like “impeachment is not worth it” or “the American people want to talk about healthcare” or “we are waiting for the Attorney General to provide us with (fill in the blank).”  Another screw up like that could cement Trump’s future as the life-term president he so desperately wants to be.

Evidently, none of our Democratic leaders ever learned that there are moments when you just have to knuckle-up and let the chips fall.  Regardless of the odds of victory and regardless of the blows you will have to absorb, you just have to fight as a function of defining who you are.  Many of us learn that essential life lesson as kids growing up in hardscrabble neighborhoods.  It has become an urban pop-culture trope to point to a “growing up in the hood” background as proof of one’s mettle but there are times when there is substance to the caricature.  Thanks to Donald Trump, this is definitely one of those times.  He is the brash, big mouthed bully on every block in urban America that torments and hectors other neighborhood kids until somebody decides that enough is enough and takes him on without fear.  And as we all remember from those pre-9 millimeter days, the future rewards those that are willing to leave it all on the line and fight far more than it will ever reward those who were merely right.

The Democrats in charge in 2019 just don’t get that.  They are trying to sneak up on victory at a time when victory must be seized with the certainty and authority of that punch in the mouth we talked about above.  Since Democratic leadership can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes I’ll give it to them in plain English:  Nancy, Steny, and Jerry  if you’re listening, the “punch in the mouth” I am talking about is impeaching the hell out of Donald Trump.  Do it hard and do it fast and let the chips fall.  Have wall to wall hearings on every sickening and salacious detail of the Mueller Report.  Impeach the hell out of William Barr while you’re at it.  Try to imprison him in the jail underneath the Capitol.  The point is to force the issue and put some stank on it-  Ike Turner style.


This is when it matters most to have the power.  There will be no tomorrow if you don’t press the fight today.  Who gives a damn if the scoundrels can escape full accountability?  Make them run for cover in plain sight of the entire world.  Make them hide, obstruct, lie, bitch and moan every step of the way.  Hit their asses from every direction and make it a true war of attrition.  Make sure they know and the world knows that this series of traitorous scandals will follow them all to their graves and beyond.

Those in your ranks who are afraid to go home in 2020 and face their red-district constituents need your help in making this case and going on offense like you mean it is the only way to do it.  Schlep-walking up to the fight while you are wetting your pants will have the opposite affect:  your members will be punished because they were dragged into a fight they didn’t believe in and were afraid of.  As a consequence they will get voted out of office and you will be booted out of power.  And God only knows what will happen to you during a lame-duck Trump Administration with William Barr running the Department of Justice.


That hell will be the wages of your weakness in responding to what the whole world knows is a rabid dog in the White House.  So instead of being scared of the reality that the Senate will never convict and remove Donald Trump after you impeach him, EMBRACE that fight as the biggest public payoff yet: Make every Republican Senator who voted to keep him in office explain why it was okay for him to commit all of the crimes that were laid out in your hearings on national television for months and months leading up to the election.  If you have read the report you know damned well that conduct will be impossible to defend- yet Republicans will be forced to either defend him or abandon him.  That is the fight you actually want to have.

This is an urgent and final warning to Democrats: we are in the most fluid period in American party politics since the 1960′ and right now the fluid is flowing in the wrong direction.  While most pundits and pols have been bemoaning the death of the Republican Party as we have known it for the last fifty years, the party that is really teetering on the edge of the cliff is the Democrats.   And let’s be clear: if Donald Trump is not impeached by the House and he gets re-elected in 2020 that will sound the death knell of the Democratic Party.  Voters en mass will never again trust a party of reluctant warriors to fight for their side.  Nobody will have confidence in a party of part-time pugilists that were sent into the ring to throw punches but didn’t even know that the bell was rung.  That sums up the plight of the progressive voter in 2019 and if you don’t get your asses in gear right now, that is where they will be in 2020.  So you can keep trying to placate that mythological “Obama-Trump voter” with this overly-cautious strategy if you want to, but if you turn off progressives your party will literally be over.

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