Trump Is Terrified of Elizabeth Warren

This is beyond frustrating.  The only major political party in America where rationale allegedly rules is coming up woefully short.  I know it’s early but if the voters who routinely support the Democratic Party were what we say we are our undisputed front-runner would be Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Yet, the rank and file political actors are standing by silently while the pundit-ocracy eulogizes her campaign a full six months before the Iowa Caucuses.

Beyond frustrating, this is ridiculous.  Senator Warren has established herself as the undisputed thought leader of the Democratic Party.  She has ideas about everything and all of them are good.  And by “good” I don’t mean the kind of “good” that only finds support amongst those of us who would sooner take a stick in the eye before we voted for Donald Trump, but the kind of “good” that would probably poll at above 80% of the general electorate.  Don’t believe me, just go to her campaign website.


If you look up “kitchen table issues” there you will find a picture of Elizabeth Warren in all of her earnest, alert and authentic glory.  Guarantee everyone affordable health care? Check.  Break up monopolies that are driving up the cost of living and driving down consumer choices? Check.  Hold banks accountable for the excesses that harm working people but pad their stock value? Check.  And the most recent and most glorious of them all, wiping out student loan debt.  DOUBLE CHECK.


This is a slate of policy proposals that will lift everybody who works for a check and lives on that check- no matter what color they are or what part of the country they live in.  She is cutting through the b.s. and neither the media nor the public knows what to do with it.

Meanwhile, the press is running behind Pete Buttigeig like he’s the next JFK.   After a week of wall-to-wall coverage it is clear he stands for nothing beyond being smart, sane, young and gay- in no particular order.  As they slobber over Mayor Pete, pine away for Joe and wait for Beto to get it in gear, Elizabeth Warren stands as the only Democratic candidate with the guts and grit to call for the impeachment of the corrupt traitor who sits in the White House.  While all the other candidates are hedging, hemming and hawing, Senator Warren played it straight.  When asked if she thought Trump should be impeached after she read the Mueller Report, she didn’t just say ‘yeah,’ she said ‘hell yeah.’  In doing so she demonstrated the honesty and courage we so desperately need to fuel our efforts to end the Trump nightmare in November of 2020.




And we need a full dose of her signature determination because it will not be enough to just beat Trump- we have to kick his ass so good that there is no room for the b.s. that is sure to follow after he loses:  The refusal to concede because of ‘voter fraud’ or uncounted votes or four million “illegal aliens” voting or the deep state rigging machines, etc.  A close vote might have the impact of there not having been a vote at all so we need to lap him- Obama-style.  That will not happen with a candidate that is directed by cautious calculation more than gut level leadership.  Senator Warren is running like she is unafraid to lose and that makes her our very best candidate AND president.  I refuse to accept the popular cop-out that we have to settle for someone we see as our best candidate rather than go all in for someone who we know will be our best president.

Senator Warren has the burden of being better than the party she is a part of.  The other candidates seem to make themselves smaller to fit the perceived needs of a Democratic electorate rather than making the party bigger to meet the challenge of the moment.  I confess that I love Kamala Harris but she has disappointed me in her insistence on live Mueller testimony prior to impeachment consideration.   I have a long-standing affection for Joe Biden but his stalling up front makes me doubt his fire.  I am inspired by Beto’s energy but his deer-in-the-headlights post-announcement period gives me pause.




I sincerely respect Bernie Sanders’ conviction and his message discipline- but I suspect he is more in love with being right than actually winning and governing.  Cory Booker earned my respect and regard way back in Newark, but he seems not to have learned that the only real error in Obama’s world-view was he thought Republicans were actually reasonable people who cared about governing.  No, Cory, they are not.  Barack was wrong about that one and so are you.

Out of that outstanding group of Democratic candidates- quality human beings, leaders and public servants all- Senator Warren has proven on paper and on the stump that she is the heavy-weight champion.  And you can tell because Donald Trump was so terrified by the prospect of facing her on a debate stage that he started talking sh*t about her YEARS before a possible face-off.  And instead of recognizing that a hit dog will holler, you have low-information, shallow-engagement voters out here who can’t explain to pollsters why they’re just not into her.  Some are even stupid enough to bring up that silliness about the DNA test as a phony justification.  I suppose all white women over age 60 are identical and our group PTSD from Hillary Clinton’s Electoral College defeat has us so devastated we can’t think straight.

But if we were who we have always claimed to be- the smart party; the substantive party; the big tent party; the party of women- it would not matter that Senator Warren shares the same broad demographic as HRC.  But it does matter and that is what is likely to kill our chances to make Trump a one term president.

I am sorry, Senator Warren.  It really isn’t you.  It’s us.

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