Bob Mueller Is Coming & He Doesn’t Give A F*ck What Anybody Thinks (Strong Language)

I’ve said it in this space many times before but it bears repeating for purposes of this discussion: I listen to a great deal of right-wing talk radio.  Because I am actively engaged in political discourse I have to know what is being said by the opposition opinion makers in the media.  And fuck what you heard about Sean Hannity’s influence; there are none more powerful than Rush Limbaugh.  Hannity and Trump can spend every night together in a heart-shaped hot-tub and he’ll NEVER wield the influence over conservative politics that Rush Limbaugh does.


That asshole is the Jim Jones of American politics:  whatever flavor of Kool-Aid he is serving, he has millions of faithful sheep in his flock ready to guzzle it down until they choke.  Keep in mind that these people proudly call themselves “ditto-heads” because anything Rush says, they’re singular and unified response is “ditto!”  So these people are already thoroughly fucked in the head and probably cannot be redeemed.

But it is worth taking a minute to send a message for those who listen to Limbaugh but may not be ready to move to Jonestown for his fat. drug-addled ass.  In recent news cycles his daily narrative about the Special Counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 general election has spread from a.m. radio to other media outlets and has started to infect their coverage.  That is a bad thing because Rush spends at least an hour a day raving about how Bob Mueller has to “save face” because he “has nothing on Trump” and how he’s trying to “come up with something that people will buy.”  For those who are still conscious and can process basic truths keep this in mind:  Bob Mueller doesn’t give a fuck what you think, what I think, what Donald Trump thinks, and he most certainly doesn’t give a fuck what Rush Limbaugh thinks.

There is only a handful of people in America who are eminently qualified to conduct this investigation and he is widely regarded as the best of them all.  So he doesn’t need advice, feed-back, push-back or second-guessing from some bitter college drop-out who happened to hit it big as a political entertainer.  Since Mueller can’t say it in public himself without compromising his mission, I volunteer to step in for for him and on his behalf tell Rush Limbaugh to go fuck himself.


Bob Mueller is investigating a possible case of corruption.  A highly complex possible case of corruption at that.  He is not out to build a case against Donald Trump, nor is he out to get Trump.  Provided of course, that Trump hasn’t actually committed a crime.  In which case, Mueller’s job is to compile his findings in a formal report that he will submit to the appropriate authorities – that would be the Department of Justice, the United States Congress and the United States Senate.  Nobody has to “buy” a damned thing from Mueller because he is not selling anything.  He does not have to “save face” in front of anybody because this is not HIS case.  Bob Mueller was doing swell before all of this started and he is going to be just swell when its over regardless of what he finds.

And to be sure, Mueller is climbing into every crevice, nook and cranny where Trump and his minions have been so if there is criminal corruption, he’ll find it.  And if there is no criminal corruption, he’ll report that just the same.  Problem for Rush and all of his “ditto heads” is that Mueller has already put the screws to several people both in Trump’s inner circle and his outer circle.  These guys have been charged, made plea deals and provided evidence and testimony for Mueller to mull over as he follows the money trail and the over-powering smell of Big Macs and KFC.




I do not know what the final score is going to be on this sprawling investigation and you can’t trust anybody who says they do.  But we have every reason to expect that it will be completed, regardless of what Trump does to derail it.  Again, Mueller doesn’t give a fuck about the politics of this thing and has barely spoken a word through all of the hype and hysteria.  That is why Trump is so terrified: he is going to be found out and he knows it.  But he also knows that he has all the weapons he needs to escape full accountability for his actions even if he lacks what he desires most: the fire-power to shut down the investigation and keep the report from coming out.  Smart money says that he can escape prosecution and even rescue some of his closest allies.  But those who rode with his gang will still be left to answer for their complicity- if not by a court of law, then most definitely by the court of public opinion.  So the GOP is going to get stuck with the bill when it comes due.  Only then will the sickening Trump worship wear thin and his record run of sold out shows will finally come to an end.


But while the Trump Praise Team still has their heads firmly planted up their asses about the case being a “witch hunt” I need my anti-Trump people to just keep cool.  Stop tweeting and talking about how desperately you wish Mueller would “hurry up” and get to the part where Trump does the 5 a.m. perp-walk in his tighty-whiteys from the White House residence to the Capitol Rotunda.  That’s not going to happen and Bob Mueller is not going to rush his investigation and blow his work to hell because we are sick and tired of hearing Trump and his FoxNews acolytes saying “No Collusion” over and over like Rain Man.

We are almost certainly stuck with this asshole until at least January of 2021 and its not Mueller’s job to bail America out because 47% of us were too lazy, disconnected or disaffected to come out and vote last time.  Besides, it should bother any sane person to find themselves saying the same things that the certifiably nut-balls Rudy Giuliani has said.  So any sane Republicans left will let that fool fly over the Cuckoo’s Nest by himself.


But you can be sure that Rudy will have the “ditto heads” to keep him company. And that’s ok- so long as YOU don’t get caught up helping those clowns push the crazy narrative they’ll pull out of the final report.

I’ll close in a shout out to the newly crowned and beautifully brown American Princess of the U.K. : Let’s  keep calm and carry on.  It’s not a crime to be a disloyal and unprincipled douchebag so Trump may not be indicted on anything.  But he will still have to face us in November of 2020. We can punish his ass at the polls and leave no doubt about how America feels about presidents that bow down to Putin.

As far as media goes, let fools like me wade through the sewage-speak of the unhinged right-wing and report back to you.   I can handle it because I’m a lot like Mueller in this respect:  I don’t give a fuck what they think either.

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