Trump Is A Dick- Clinically Speaking (Warning: Adult Language)

Donald Trump has no political strategy.  Talking heads on every station spend hours and hours every day trying to understand, analyze and explain why Trump does the things that he does.  The presupposition that Trump has a cogent strategy or logic to what he does is why the value of their assessments is mainly limited to entertainment for political junkies.  Once you get off of the Fox News network you find that most of the people discussing politics on television have actually taken the time to study and train themselves to see things that most people do not see clearly- but lately their training and study has been virtually useless to them.  The reason is simple: Donald Trump has no more logic and strategy in his mind than can be found in a teenage boy’s dick.

Consider the fact that Donald Trump is ALWAYS on the lookout for reassurance.  And any woman who has ever dealt with a man sexually can tell you there is no such thing as a dick that doesn’t thrive on reassurance.  I don’t care if that dick is 21 or 71, it needs nothing more than the adulation and admiration or his target audience.  Experienced and mature women know this, which is what makes us so easy to manipulate but that is a subject for another day.  This day is about explaining why Donald is literally a dick.


Consider the fact that Donald Trump is ALWAYS reacting forcefully to any stimulus in his environment.  He has NO control whatsoever.  Any man who remembers his junior high school days well usually thanks God that they are over.  Why?  Because it is quite difficult to go about your business when your dick gets hard for any little reason at any time and always seems to stay hard until the teacher calls on you to go up to the chalk board and work out a math problem from last nights’ homework.

Consider the fact that Donald Trump is notoriously unreliable.  No example is better than his Mexican border wall flip flop.  After insisting forever that “Mexico is gonna pay it!” he once tried to shut down the government because Democrats would not agreed to pony up US taxpayer dollars to fund construction of that stupid wall.  So Trump is undeniably unreliable – and God knows a teenage boy’s dick unreliable.  Some of us can laugh about it now but it wasn’t funny back when you were a teenager and you just didn’t know what the hell to expect from your dick from one encounter to the next.  God forbid you should wind up playing a game of Twister at a birthday party and got on the spotted mat with Sabrina “Boom-Boom” Johannsen.  You were just one “left foot red” call away from spraying your corduroys in front of everybody.  NOT the image you want to carry with you through high school.


Add that to the reality that on any given night you could have a wet dream and wake up in a panic trying to dispose of pajamas and sheets before your mom came in, I’d say a 14 year old’s dick and Donald Trump are on par for reliability.

Consider the fact that, as the old folks used to say, “a hard dick knows no conscience.”  This one is not confined to teenage boys of course but the point applies just the same.  Once a stimulus makes a dick get hard, it takes enormous self-discipline to turn it away from the target of its desire on its own once it is in the striking zone.  Typically, unless there is some outside force checking the dick’s access and entry, IT IS GOING IN without regard to consequence.  That definitely sounds like Trump on an average day.  Nobody who has ever written about him would describe him as a man of even modest self-discipline or restraint and he sure as hell has never laid off of something he wants without a barrier or force blocking him.  That is why he developed that nasty little “pussy-grabbing” habit that he joked about so casually to Billy “the Douche Bag” Bush on the Access Hollywood tape.


And lastly, consider the fact that a teenage boy’s dick knows no peace unless it is meeting its urges and responding to its reflexes.  As mature men, we learn the value of spending some time with our dicks purely at rest but it took us a while to get there- we certainly didn’t start out that way.  As soon as we found out that our dicks were pleasure centers that worked and we could impact the world with them we couldn’t get enough of using them.  For the most part, teenage boys unchecked will f*ck anybody who’s willing, anywhere that’s available, anytime of day or night.  And another oddity is that teenage boys like to piss any and everywhere too.  It’s like a game.  We write our name in the snow and claim rocks and trees by peeing just like our canine friends do.

And once again we are back to our 45th president.  All he does is respond to his urges and reflexes like a teenage boy’s dick.  It could not be clearer that he is not led by rational thought or strategic planning than it was during the first government shut-down threat.  On one day he pronounced himself ready to sign any bipartisan deal presented to him and then two days later publicly pissed all over said deal and hurled the government into a shut-down.

So the verdict is in:  the president is in constant need of reassurance, reacts forcefully to all stimulus, is notoriously unreliable, knows no conscience, and is constantly reacting to his urges and reflexes- so the president is a dick- an immature dick at that.  My advice to anybody who has to deal with him is to not look or sound like a pussy to him- otherwise you are certain to get fucked.  And also make sure you don’t resemble an inanimate object when dealing with him- like maybe a tree or a rock- because he is certain to piss all over you.  Do we need any more motivation to put a woman in the White House after we get rid of this dick?  I don’t think so: Warren-Harris in 2020.

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    1. You are reading what I write and taking the time to comment on it . If my brains have come from an “AIDS toilet” that reflects poorly on you. I have never heard of an “AIDS toilet” before but it does not sound like any place I’d want to be. I certainly would not get any reading material there.


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