“The Un-Suppressible Voter” is a brand new phrase I just I invented- and I love it.  I hope it catches on and becomes a real thing because we really need it to be.  We’ve turned a corner in American politics where voter suppression is no longer something nasty that creeps around at night-  like possums or water-bugs that prefer to move around under cover of darkness.  Voter suppression is now boldly walking up your driveway in the light of day and banging on your door like those folks who are always giving away “The Watchtower.”


I am a resident of the Georgia 6th District and it looks to me like I am living on the front lines of this war between the public servants of the Democratic Party and the political operatives of the Republican Party.  That three and a half hour line for early voting that you saw on MSNBC was much worse in person than it looked on television.  Trust me I was there.  I’ve been early voting for a solid decade around here and it has NEVER taken more than twenty minutes.  That brutally long line was flagrant voter suppression and some voters actually did give up and leave.  But I stayed because I decided right then and there that I would be suppression-proof and would cast my vote for Stacy Abrams to be the first black woman in American history to be elected as a governor no matter what.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is patient zero for this new and aggressive strand of the voter-suppression virus and this deadly outbreak is spreading all over the country.  As you know, the Secretary of State is the government official that runs the elections in his or her state.  And since Brian Kemp is the Republican candidate for governor in this election, he is running the election that he is also running in.  When confronted by local media outlets about the biggest conflict of interest in modern political history this side of the Brett Kavanaugh investigation, Kemp scoffed at the very idea of stepping down from his post or recusing himself from the process.  Effectively, he was openly admitting that he wanted to be the referee in the game he was playing in.  Notice was served then and there on ALL voters- not just Georgia voters- that the appearance of impropriety is no longer a concern for Republicans in this political environment.  Evil in politics is no longer hiding its face.


That matters more than it may seem.  When those in power abandon even the pretense of fairness and no longer care if their corruption is obvious all hell is about to break loose.  Paradigms are about to take a hard shift and if you are not in position to protect your interests you are going to be left out- like the poor sad faced kid left standing when the music stops playing in “musical chairs.”  We can come out ahead in the big shift that is coming if we- and by “we” I mean all people of good conscience, sound mind and progressive persuasion- turn ourselves in Un-Suppressible Voters.

The Un-Suppressible Voter checks his voter status regularly to make sure that his status has not mysteriously changed since his last ballot was cast.  The Un-Suppressible Voter checks the polling locations and hours as soon as they are posted and plans her day around casting her ballot.  The Un-Suppressible Voter shares verifiable information with her family and friends to make sure they are in the know about the upcoming election.  The Un-Suppressible Voter draws determination and resolve from the corruption and misinformation campaigns of those who are opposing his exercise of his most fundamental right of citizenship.  In sum, The Un-Suppressible Voter VOTES; in EVERY ELECTION, in EVERY CYCLE, no matter what the conditions.  She cannot be stopped because she is ten feet tall and bullet-proof.  He cannot be stopped because he can dance under water and not get wet.  King Kong ain’t got shit on the Un-Suppressible Voter.  And there is nothing that terrifies Donald Trump and his minions more than that.


The political operatives posing as public servants in the Republican Party know they can only survive the upcoming elections by getting rid of votes and voters that are not in their traditional support demographic – pale, male and stale.  There just aren’t enough older white people in the country to keep them in control of everything that matters to them so they need black folks, brown folks, young folks, gay folks and every other kind of folks that aren’t them to stay out of elections.  That is the only shot they’ve got because they have operated for centuries on the premise that demographics are destiny.  Well now the demographics of this country are destined to marginalize them and they are freaking out.  But that is their problem, not ours.  We have all of the tools that we need right now to shift the paradigms toward the inclusion, fairness and justice that they so desperately fear and deeply resent.  And if enough of us can turn ourselves into Un-Suppressible Voters it will happen.


This is not like going out and starting a movement or becoming a social media star.  This is not like writing a book that contains all of the answers to all of the questions that have tormented us for years.  This is something that all of us can actually do.  And in that simple transition, we can change the entire country.  But first, we have to defeat and dispose of the hopelessly dishonest and corrupt Brian Kemp before he infects the entire country and disenfranchises us all.  I’ve heard that his germs have already spread as far as North Dakota so we ignore this at our own peril.  And in case you might be wondering, it feels GREAT to be ten feet tall and bullet-proof.


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  1. I’m fortunate to live in a state where we can still register on Election Day (or when we get our driver’s license) and it is simple to vote. Conservatives keep telling us that our system opens the way to lots of fraud but they have had a hard time proving it. Wishing you blessings and success in making more Un-Suppressible Voters.


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