The Attacks On Elizabeth Warren Send The Wrong Message To Voters

Most people who register as “Independents” and fly under that political flag are misleading their friends and colleagues a little bit.  I know this because I’m one of those people.  What we tend to be in reality are deeply frustrated Democrats or Republicans who support the policies but object to the politics of the party that routinely wins our vote.  Listening to the pundits and tracking social media responses to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA reveal this week reminds me of how much I hate the tradition of political weakness amongst so many Democrats- particularly high-profile figures.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

I understand that many of the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN frequently blur the line between reporting and editorializing.  I don’t necessarily fault them for that because there is an entertainment component to their programing to account for and when it’s all said and done I keep watching.  But when your direct market competitor is Fox News who you know is 100% committed to the wholesale destruction of any strong Democratic Party figure and securing a lifetime presidency for Donald Trump, you become their de-facto opposition just by being committed to the truth.  So the weak-kneed hand-wringing over Senator Warren’s announcement made me want to yak like Brett Kavanaugh at Beach Week.


All of that bullshit about what Senator Warren should have said or when she should have said it was entirely useless for one simple reason:  SHE ALREADY SAID IT.  It could not be un-said.  So any progressive pundit who was un-moved by her announcement was certainly free to be unimpressed.  But they should have been un-moved and unimpressed in the privacy of their own spaces and kept that punk-assed worthless criticism to themselves.  Attacking the strongest and steadiest voice in a party that is absolutely starving for strong and steady voices is the type of self-defeating response that losers have.  These pundits are so accustomed to running their mouths that their desire to run it seems to trump any concerns about the effect their words may have.

I am issuing a standing invitation to kiss both sides of my ass to any Democrat of any stripe that tries to use Elizabeth Warren’s announcement as an excuse for under-performing in this midterm election.  She hasn’t changed the trajectory of a single race in a single district in the country.  Even discussing her announcement in that context reflected the limp nature of the narratives that are hatched in the places where there should be fully armed truth missiles firing at Republicans.


At the exact same time when the world learned that Senator Warren does in fact have a Native American ancestor, the world was also learning that California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s family has made more than $7 million dollars off of government contract set-asides- FOR NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES.  McCarthy and his family are whiter than The Brady Bunch.  How in the hell is THAT not the lead story on these outlets?  Are they secretly trying to help Trump win because he’s good for ratings?   So instead of talking about what appears to be a major corruption scandal involving a Congressman’s family defrauding the Federal Government, MSNBC panelists want to hem and haw about whether Democrats find Warren’s response to Trump’s “Pocahontas” attacks helpful.  With friends like that who needs enemies?  Better still, with MSNBC commentators like that, who needs Fox News?

Here is the bottom line:  Every commentator who criticized Senator Warren from those outlets is full of shit.  Conscious people know what kind of shit-show to expect from the jackals at Fox News.  But some people ought to know better and be better.


So Katy Tur, Chris Cillizza and everybody in between who sat on a panel with them and failed to push back on their faulty framing of the issue needs to check themselves.  Senator Warren made the exact same calculation and decision that Barack Obama made when he produced his “long-form” birth certificate in response to the incessant Trump noise about it.  As sad as it may be it was influencing people- even some people who should have known better- so he put it to bed.  And people have forgotten so easily that right at the climax of the campaign, Trump was forced to come out and disavow his birther conspiracy on camera and on the record.  He had to back down.  The fact that he decided to pick it back up and play with it some more after he won the election is beside the point.  This heritage issue functions in the exact same way for Senator Warren.  She called his bluff and forced him to deny his own public words and reshuffle the deck.  That, all by itself, is a promising sign of things to come.

Maybe the Democratic insiders are all planning to run Tim Kaine and just blow America away in 2020 and weakening Warren is all a part of the grand plan.  That is what a weak political party would do.  Who knows what the hell they are really up to.

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