Trump Doesn’t Just Want You To Hate Him – He NEEDS You To Hate Him

Progressives can be excused for being consumed by our desire to see Donald Trump get turked by a syphilitic grizzly bear.  He deserves that and so much more.  He has earned our contempt fair and square and those of us who will openly admit that we hate him and all he stands for shouldn’t even try to deny it or hide it- even in polite conversation.  We cannot let our parents’ home training lead us into normalizing this disgusting and disgraceful cretin.  He is a vain, vulgar and frivolous man and those are three qualities that make one unfit for leadership in any setting, least of all in public service.


But that’s who we have.  He won the election and we are stuck with him until at least 2020.  And we need to come to grips with the fact that our hatred for him actually helps his cause and does nothing to advance ours.  That is a tough pill to swallow and I’ve been choking on it myself for months.  But when I realized that the more we hate him and place that hatred at the center of our political strategy the stronger his support is amongst his base.  And the stronger his support is amongst his base the less likely we are to vote him out of office after one term.  And check me on this one:  No matter how poorly he performs as a policy maker or as a representative for our nation on the world stage, Trump and his acolytes want him to be re-elected because they desperately need the validation involved.  This need is multiplied by a factor of ten because Barack Obama was elected twice and Trump could never square his ego around the fact that he failed to accomplish something that Obama did.  Obama envy is a bitch.


So what does this mean to you, my fellow fire-breathing Trump-haters?  It means that we have to focus on policy initiatives and electioneering.  He’s a complete asshole and he will say things for no purpose other than to provoke and distract us from registering voters, developing viable candidates in every district, and addressing the deceptively complex legal machinery of election law.  If we take care of those issues, the GOP loses the House AND the Senate in ’18 and that miserable little prick will be limp heading into ’20.  He doesn’t understand how to be effective without any legislative majorities because he can barely function with the GOP in the majority.

Running on impeachment is a trap that is driven by our emotions and not by our intellect.  That is a losing strategy and only helps Trump.  Like my man Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven (the greatest western of all time) “Deserves got nothin’ to do with it.”  Then he blew Gene Hackman’s head off and sent him to hell where he belonged.  All we have to do is take the emotion out of it.  Why run on “impeachment” which sounds like a recipe for chaos when you can run on “accountability” which is the main ingredient in the restoration of good order and presidential norms?  Who can argue against holding elected officials accountable for serving the citizens with full faith and transparency under the laws of the land?  Considering the events of the last three years, the GOP can’t mount a credible counter-argument to that campaign.  That is why so many of them have decided to “retire.”  They know damned well that if Democrats ever get out of their own way and just play this election cycle straight, they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

But it’s hard to keep cool and see it that way when you’re looking at Trump’s fat ugly face on your TV or computer screen for 11 hours a day making one ridiculous and incendiary comment after another – posing and preening like a goddamned WWE villain.  Or if we spend our time getting over-heated watching the media miss chance after chance to keep him and his entire corrupt organization on the defense where they belong.  It’ll distract the hell out of us and drive us crazy.  My prescription for success is that we just ignore his stupid ass and get ready for the election day reckoning.  We actually have a chance to win and reverse this downward spiral.  We’re holding all the cards but if we don’t graduate from hate we’re going to mis-play them and let them off the hook.  And we can’t afford to let that happen.  Now is the time to focus which is why he is so desperate to distract us.  Let Mueller and Rosenstein do their jobs.  Let Stormy and Avenatti do their thing.  We can’t do a goddamned thing about how any of that shakes out but we have total control over how the next two election days unfold.


And if your curiosity is killing you when you unplug from the wall to wall Trump coverage, let me help you out and tell you what will be going down while you’re regaining your inner-peace and political efficacy:

Rosanne and the NRA are going to host a huge orgy down at Mara Lago while Russian hookers will secretly video-record everybody while charging a thousand dollars a pop for golden showers in Trump’s master bedroom.  Michael Cohen will play the role of the “Gimp” and Rudy Giuliani will hold the gun on Sean Hannity as Trump announces to the whole party “it looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar.”  Trump closes in on Hannity and screen fades to black as Vladimir Putin’s smirking face is slowly revealed on the screen.   

That’s a pretty fair forecast and I hope it works for you.  Because I can promise you that investing in hating a man who thrives on our hate will not.  So wherever you are and whatever you’ve been doing, it’s time to stop, drop and roll and graduate from hate so we can get rid of this guy.  Good luck and godspeed.

∞ π



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