“WHITE LIES” And The Troubling Times of Hope HIcks

As she prepares to return to the national stage as a high profile member of Trump’s White House, I want Hope Hicks to know just how much I appreciate her.  In the midst of all of the corruption and brazenness that has defined the man she followed and served for his entire campaign to the White House Hope confirmed some crucial information for us before she stepped away for her hiatus.  Trump’s inner orbit is driven and sustained by lies.  This is easy to miss because all thinking people know this but having it confirmed from the inside was invaluable.  If you notice, since her revelation, Trump’s blizzard of lies only widened and intensified like a category 5 hurricane.

Much has been made about the indispensable role that Hope Hicks played in the Trump White House.  Evidently, she was the center of Trump’s orbit to the extent that folks are wondering aloud how he will make it without her.  Trump depends upon her for everything, every hour of every day.  She does everything for Trump that makes him tick- and God knows how thankful we all are for that, especially Melania.


I mean, Hope is known to be the only person capable and qualified enough to get down on her knees and press Trumps pants for him with the hand-held steam-cleaner while he is wearing them.   She knows how he loves his pants to be creased and wrinkle free before he goes on stage for his stand-up comedy routine so she was ready and waiting.

In addition to those duties, apparently a great deal of the information that hit Trump’s ear was filtered through Hope first.  She was the White House Communications Director lest we forget.  And she confessed under oath before the United States Senate that she has to tell “white lies” as a part of her daily duties for the President.  So the highest communications official in America lied every day.  Not just to the President, but to other people, too.  Including the press.


Well I’ll be damned.  So the bright shining star around which Trump-World orbits kept everything afloat by lying.  Word on the street (from “anonymous White House personnel”) is that simple truths about certain things bother Donald so much that she had to fiddle with them so he can get information he might need without getting too upset to function.  So dealing with him was just like hiding your dog’s heart-medicine in his scooby-snack so he’d eat it.  Or even how parents gave kids a spoonful of sugar with castor oil back in the day.

So now the record is clear:  The culture of Trump-World is based on lies.  But let’s delve another level deeper before we say good-bye to the lovely Miss Hicks.  I’m sure she meant no harm in using that throw-back phrase “white lie” when describing the pervasive and systemic deception required of her to do her job. “White” lies are innocent and harmless, right?  They may even be nice and pretty- like Miss Hicks herself, right?  Who minds a Hope Hicks lie when it comes from such an attractive liar?  That’s MUCH different than a big ol’ BLACK LIE from some dark-complected 6 foot tall 250 lb bald-headed, nappy-bearded savage, isn’t it?  If he lies about anything, his ass should be burned at the nearest stake or hung from the highest tree.  Right?


All that hyperbole has a point: America needs to stop giving people a pass because of what they look like or because we like them.  That undermines our whole system of governance because people are never held accountable for what they say if they have enough people willing to look past it.  That is why Trump won the presidency.  People just decided that the truth didn’t matter- as long as he was willing to keep telling their favorite lie of all time.  You know the one:  Barack Obama’s birth records were faked so that he could run for president forty-five years later.

So with Hope’s little confession, we need to throw down a marker and start holding people accountable for what they say.  The same fools who will wash Trump’s dirty draws for him were calling Barack Obama a liar over policy disputes.  That’s right.  When somebody turns out to be wrong about how a policy will operate, that is not a lie.  Not unless there was an intent to deceive.  (Please see, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”) Some Republican asshole who will not be named in this space rocketed to brief stardom for breaching all etiquette and protocol when he shouted “YOU LIE!” at President Obama during a State of the Union Address.  Again this was over a policy disagreement.


Now he kneels at Trump’s feet and I am sure never asks him about the “hundreds of personal friends (of his) who died in the 9/11 attacks”; or about the “hundreds of letters (he) got from reporters” after a press conference telling him they’d never seen a better one than what he just did.

I’m sure he never asks him bout the bone spurs he claimed bothered him so badly that they kept him out of service in the  Vietnam War, or about the status of the IRS audit that keeps him from releasing his tax returns.   I’m sure he never asks about why he lied about just going up to women and grabbing them in the biscuits.  Ok, maybe that time Trump admitted he was lying but you get the point. Hope is as sideways and shady as the man she loves to serve.


Selective outrage over lying is a tool of the unprincipled and it is in full public view right now.  We’ll see soon enough if the Department of Justice is alright with all of the lying that comes out of Trump-World.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows as well as I do that when people lie out of habit about little things, they will surely lie out of necessity over bigger things.  So thank you, Hope, for your first confession.  We’ll take it from here and look forward to the next one.

∞ π

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