Ivanka Trump May As Well Be A Ghost

Some of you might remember the popular children’s cartoon from the ’70’s “Casper The Friendly Ghost.”  If you don’t, just take a look at the Trump Administration’s Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump and she is sure to jog your memory.

Recall that Casper was adorably cute and desperately wanted to make friends.  Being admired and accepted was quite important to Casper but there was a that pesky little issue that always complicated things:  he was a damned ghost and sane people are disinclined to bond with ghosts.  That cartoon series ran for decades and all of Casper’s adventures and misadventures revolved around the fact that try as he might, he just couldn’t get away from who and what he was to win the lasting affection of normal people.  Once they realized what he was they were naturally afraid of him.


Ivanka Trump, like Casper, wants public affection and adoration above nearly every other consideration.  Only money is more valuable to her.  She gets that from her father.  But unlike Casper, Ivanka has enjoyed an adoring fan base and a media glam-squad that make her look real.  She is just as empty as Casper but whenever something happens that looks like she should have been involved, her squad spreads the word that Ivanka really was there.  As the story goes, she is the one who counseled this President to stop tearing immigrant families apart on our southern border.  Of course her adoring media never bother to explain why she didn’t stop him from doing that in the first place but she is the one who stepped in and stopped it.


Right.  I have been on record as saying that I think that the only figures in American culture right now that are more overrated than Ivanka Trump are her useless dumb-ass brothers.  Of course the Fox News bubble-heads love them all and just eat them up every chance they get- like a Ronald Reagan, Jesus Christ and Sarah Palin flavored ice cream sundae.  But in the sane world most people seem to have caught on to the fact that Ivanka is a ghost and she only ACTS like she’s friendly.  American men have been conditioned to worship long legs, blonde hair and a huge rack so she’s dazzled her way into the hearts of the Chris Matthews of the world.  American women have been conditioned to worship shoes, purses and faux independence and that is precisely the product she sells.  So that bought her some time with the Mika Brzeznskis of the world.

But her time has just about run out.  This immigration crisis looks like the straw that snaps the toned and delicate back the President loves to rub.


I can see that people are recognizing that toxic entitlement is as corrosive in this young woman as it is in her father.  She may be polished and smooth while he is boorish and grotesque but in the end neither of them give a damn about anybody who is not just like them.  And that is okay except for the fact that they’ve taken on rolls that require them to give a damn about people who are not like them.  While her father is callous and clueless, she is feckless and detached.  Samantha Bee was definitely right about that part of the description.

But she is who she was born to be and I’m not mad at her for that.  Just like I was never mad at Casper.  He was trapped in his identity and so is Ivanka.  I’m just ready for people to run away from her screaming like they always eventually ran away from him.  She deserves it a lot more than he did.

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