The Vanity of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

When the news broke that Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court it was treated as a shocking development by mainstream news outlets.  But was it all that shocking that an 81-year-old man who has been in a job for three decades was ready to hang it up and take a permanent vacation? ... Continue Reading →

Ivanka Trump May As Well Be A Ghost

Some of you might remember the popular children's cartoon from the '70's "Casper The Friendly Ghost."  If you don't, just take a look at the Trump Administration's Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump and she is sure to jog your memory. Recall that Casper was adorably cute and desperately wanted to make friends.  Being admired and accepted... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Prince

Today is Prince's birthday and it is cause for his friends and loved ones to celebrate.  If you loved his music and appreciated what he gave to the world, that includes you.  He made that abundantly clear over and over throughout his career.  My appreciation for Prince and his music goes well beyond fandom and... Continue Reading →

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