Will Michael Cohen Have A Pardon Party Or A Going Away Party? (Strong Language)

As soon as word came down that Paul Manafort was being indicted the Pardon Party Planning Committee was called to order by President Trump.  We need to brace ourselves for the sh*t-show that is about to go down.  Those of us who are eagerly awaiting a prison sentence and planning Michael Cohen’s going away party need to take a pause.  We are poised to witness the greatest display of political hubris that we have ever seen.  Considering the events of the past two years, that Is really saying something.


I am calling it right now:  Donald Trump will be coached by his lawyers on exactly the right moment to pardon his minions and operatives- most notably his lawyer, his son, his son-in-law, his former campaign manager and his former national security adviser on all federal charges arising from their direct engagement with Russian covert operatives during the general election of 2016 and their attempts to cover it up during the investigation.

These are exactly the type of guys who get a “get out of jail free” card in our society. Anybody with the capacity for objective discernment can see that Trump Sr. and Trump Jr. lie so frequently that even they can’t tell the difference anymore.

We have also known for quite a long time that Paul Manafort is one of Vladimir Putin’s prized personal gimps.  Jared Kushner rounds out the inner circle of those who’ll be getting a pardon and he is a pampered, prissy little bitch who’s silent but deadly operative routine is just a cover for the fact that he doesn’t know jack-shit about anything other than his father’s New York slum-lord businesses.  Guys like this never seem to get what’s coming to them and I’ll bet my check and yours too that this time won’t be any different.  Do you really think that America is going to let those delicate features and alabaster skin go into the lock up?

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You know you have a sorry collection of clowns when Michael Flynn- the former top Army brass turned deranged lunatic- once appeared to be the most substantive man in the group.  But he did for a quite a while and he has been seeking an immunity deal for MONTHS.  And to their credit, the Justice Department has refused his offers- knowing damned well that with a little patience all of these nuts would crack on their own.  The Manafort indictment and the revelation that Special Counsel Mueller flipped a mid-level operative about six months ago has ushered in the final crack-up and now the nuts are all over the floor in the White House and at Fox News.


But it won’t matter.  The Pardon Party will set them all free.  They are all rich-white insiders so they don’t give a damned about the scorn of the general public or the rejection of the body politic.  If guys like them really screw up, get convicted of a crime and actually get some time- they lose little if anything that actually provided them with the privilege that afforded them to opportunity to leverage corruption into wealth in the first place.  Jared Kushner’s father is a convict but that didn’t stop the wealth that he had built from making his son into the type of privileged princess that gets to fondle Ivanka Trump and run nineteen different operations of the Executive Branch with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever.

So they could give a f*ck about how hated they will be when they get off scot-free for effectively acting as traitors against our country.  As much as they will be hated by the half of the nation’s population who is sane and rational, they will become sainted heroes to those poor, sad, foolish fools who get all of their information and insight from Fox News’ prime-time line-up, Rush Limbaugh and the zanny Christian Right.


Brace yourselves, my friends.  There will be a steady build-up, big news, bigger revelations, still bigger expectations and then BREAKING NEWS!  President Donald Trump has issued BLANKET PARDONS for….  And we will be left with the worst case of political blue-balls in the history of political blue-balls.  This will make the collapse of the HRC campaign look like child’s play by comparison.  My hope is that because we know it is coming, it may hurt a little less.

The take-away is that if we want to be rid of the political lice-outbreak that Trump has brought to the White House, we are going to have to beat them at the ballot box.  The courts and the system will do all it can to protect our democracy but it will come up short.  We’ll have to fight and win this fight by old school rules:  bare knuckles, no being saved by the bell or the referee, and you fight until one man can’t get up anymore.  At least with all the indictments and pardons our chances of outlasting them in the brawl have gone up a notch or two.

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