Gossip Folks – Missy Says Just Let Them Talk & She’s Right (a briefing)

If you are living your life actively and aggressively other people are going to notice you.  And the better you do your thing, the more they will notice you.  There are certainly perks that come along with that attention- but there are also drawbacks.  People will talk about you and it won’t always be nice.


But this perspective will help you get through the toughest moments you will have dealing with that unpleasantness:

Don’t Worry Too Much About What People Say About You-  Their Words Are Always More Of A Reflection On Who They Are Than A Reflection On Who You Are

So it’s cool.  Let them sit around and spend their time talking about you while you are DOING you.  Maybe Missy can help drive the point home:

Ask yourself if you would rather be sitting on your ass talking about what somebody else is doing or actually doing something real yourself.  That answer will pretty much define the quality of your life.  So keep doing you, my friends.  Good Luck and Godspeed.

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