The Stormy Money Shot That Matters

I don’t know Stormy Daniels and I don’t know her attorney Michael Avenatti.  But from the little I’ve seen I am impressed with them both.  I find her to be entirely credible and I find him to be EXACTLY what you would want your lawyer to be if you were in a sticky situation, legally and on the public relations front.

In all of the coverage of this uniquely Trumpian controversy, I haven’t heard any expert acknowledge what I see as obvious:  Ms. Stephanie Clifford is simply renegotiating the terms of her non-disclosure agreement.  And she is smart to do so.  Events beyond her control cast a far brighter light on her engagement with Donald Trump.  And that light did two things: #1 it neutralized any thug element that could’ve been deployed to intimidate her with threats and #2 it multiplied the value of her silence by a thousand.  It would have been foolish for her to sit quietly by while the whole world had her name on its lips.  So when Trump’s cartoon-Gambino version of a lawyer – his version of Don Corleon’s “Tom Hagen”- started popping off about Ms. Clifford he flung the door wide open for legal action against Trump.  As a practical matter, Cohen bluffed, Stormy called, and now Trump is caught with his pants down holding nothing- literally.


There are probably only 3 people in the world who know what is on that compact disk Avenatti tweeted out mere hours before that 60 minutes interview aired.  But if there is any chance at all that there is a picture of Trump’s flabby, pasty-white, bare ass – or God forbid a cock-shot – he would be willing to pay many millions of dollars to keep that from getting out.  Avenatti’s job is to angle this thing just right so it doesn’t look like extortion and so far he’s doing an excellent job.  All of the pressure and onus is on Team Trump to disprove what everybody already knows and for any actual court action he’d need a real lawyer to get involved.  Michael Cohen is obviously a pretender.

So be on the look-out for some kind of an agreement to be reached between Team Stormy and Team Trump for an “undisclosed amount and for other legal consideration” to enter a new and binding non-disclosure agreement.  The old one won’t survive the scrutiny of any judge and so Trump is going to have to face a terrible choice between two realities:  either admitting to the world that he is a lying heartless prick that pursued a porn star for sex right after his wife birthed his son OR admitting to the world that he is a lying heartless prick that pursued a porn star for sex right after his wife birthed his son with embarrassing pictures that will break the internet.

Even for Trump and Cohen, this one is a no-brainer.  We all know which option will be chosen.   It is just a matter of time.  So Stormy’s gonna get hers for real this time and Trump should’ve seen this coming.  After all, the first time they were alone, she did command him to drop his pants and take his spanking.  She was playing with him the first time but this one is really going to hurt.

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