Love Will Find A Way – Hope Lionel Richie Was Right

One of the greatest song writers of our time is Lionel Richie.  If you are a Gen Xer, you know his music almost too well because “Night Trax” fell in love with a few of his songs back in the 80’s and was determined that they would make us love them too.  “All Night Long”, “Running With The Night” and “Hello” got worked over quite a bit in the early days of the music video.

But I want to shout out my favorite Lionel Richie song today because we are in some seriously tough times in the world and in our nation right now.  And if you happen to be in a hard place on the personal side too just take a minute and listen to his best song of all-


This is a simple and sweet song with a simple and sweet message.  No matter what is troubling you or burdening you, if you look to love to power you through you will be better off than plugging into anything else.  Love will find a way if you let it.  Whether it comes from dear friends, family or your lover, that love will hold you up when the world seems bent on tearing you down.

Love is the cleanest of all fuels and I encourage you to run on it at all times- or at least as much as you can.  And it’s easier to do it to a catchy Lionel Richie tune.  Godspeed my friends.

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