The Pit Bull, The AR-15 & American Accountability

There was a terrifying incident of random violence at an elementary school in North Carolina last week.  Seven young children sustained horrible and painful injuries.  Hundreds more children in the school will share with them the mental and emotional trauma of this unforeseen attack.  Flesh was torn and blood was spilled.  Hearts pumped fear and... Continue Reading →


Does a lion do ANYTHING in a passive or tentative fashion?  Or does it just know what it is supposed to do and do it without pause or doubt?  Likewise, who knows better than you what you want or need?  You can't outsource knowledge of self to anybody else.  Because you know yourself like nobody... Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction Politics: The Alliance That Will Bring America Back From The Brink (Adult Themes; Strong Language)

In Quinten Tarantino's seminal smash hit film Pulp Fiction there's a harrowing and bizarre scene where two men from very different backgrounds find themselves bound together in a most confusing and vulnerable circumstance.  "Butch", a white boxer from Tennessee (played by Bruce Willis) and "Marsellus", a black crime boss from L.A. (played by Ving Rhames)... Continue Reading →

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