No Love For Mia Love (Strong Language)

So NOW Utah Congresswoman Mia Love wants to take a stand.  She has called on President Trump to apologize for referring to Haiti and African nations as “shit-hole” countries.  She finds his comments to be offensive, inappropriate and not reflective of the values of our great nation.  And I want to take a stand too.  My stand is that Mia Love needs to shut the f*ck up and sit the f*ck down.  Quickly.

You see, Mia is black.  And from Utah.  And conservative.  And Republican.  And she was attractive, articulate and ambitious enough to run for the United States Congress out there in “God’s Country” and win.  So Ms. Mia B. Love is much more than merely a prized pet pony of conservatives.  She is catnip for those desperate to show that they are not a bunch of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, redneck racists.  Ms. Mia B. Love is a f*cking flying unicorn.


Right wing white folks just love to point to Ms. Love- who has voted in lock step with everything that Trump (and every other republican leader) has wanted since day one- and say “See, look at Mia Love!  She agrees with me so I CAN’T be racist.”  Right.

So she’s like that simpleton Herman Cain, just without the plantation accent; and that circus-clown Ben Carson without the deranged delusion.  But in addition to all of those other descriptions up there, Ms. Mia B. Love is Haitian-American.  Her folks were immigrants here and by her version of the story built themselves from nothing while taking nothing from the government.  Whatever.  My beef with Mia is Trump has been saying all variety of foul shit since he got elected- attacking and offending everybody you can imagine EXCEPT rich white guys like himself.  Trump has hit for the cycle twice in running the gamut of insulting and alienating different citizens he is supposed to be serving.  And what is even worse is some of his insults are not just words, they are in policy initiative.

So Mia, WHERE THE F*CK HAVE YOU BEEN AND WHAT THE F*CK HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR?  It must be safe to assume that you haven’t found fault with any of his attacks on Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans and all of woman-kind.  You were cool with all of that.

But when he said some ill-sh*t about YOUR folks then it was on like Donkey Kong.  Now you want to come out and make public statements condemning him for being “unkind, divisive and elitist.”  No, Mia.  You and your group ain’t special.  This guy has been unkind, divisive and elitist all along- all-day, every-day- and you haven’t demanded that he apologize for any of it so I don’t give a good god-damn that you are offended now that he has made his way around to your people.

Your problem is that you just proved that you don’t bring anything new to the GOP except some color for the team picture and maybe some flavor at the company bar-b-q.  Just like the rest of them, you only stand up when you feel personally aggrieved and that is the reason why fewer and fewer people across the country are trying to identify themselves with that shitty party you belong to.  Your stand is purely self-serving and since you are a public servant it is meaningless.  Notice how the conditional hugs and support that the GOP can give to gay people just happens to come from some sanctimonious douchebag who just found out that one of his own children has come out of the closet as gay.  Yes, that means you, Dick Cheney and Rob Portman.


So, Mia, you and your righteous indignation can kiss my grits.  Sell that bullshit somewhere else.  In addition to being self-serving your public condemnation of Trump’s comments don’t mean jack shit because everybody knows Trump is in the dumper in Utah.  He is weaker there than in any other red state and once Romney becomes the new Senator, you can bet your weave you’ll never see Trump in your backyard again.  So enjoy the little extra attention you’ve gotten by taking your “stand.”  Just go to bed every night for the next 3 years knowing that your party is the party of Donald Trump and he thinks your parents come from a shit-hole.  Deal with it.

∞ π

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