WELCOME TO 2018! The Progressive Express Is Just Getting Started!

On behalf of the entire team of The Progressive Express I want to thank our readers for your friendship and support in 2017.  We enjoy the debate and dialogue with all of you who read us and engage us and we are looking forward to giving you much more to inform you, intrigue you, and inspire you in 2018.  Many challenges lie ahead for our country but rising to those challenges is what progressive patriots have always done and we have every confidence that we will do so again.  It is our time to stand and be counted and stand we will.  And this is a platform where we will stand tall.

Thank you, Carey Conley (Detroit 4ever), Arthur U. Tellem (Florida Boyz Represent) and Zeta (Manhattan NYC stays in the house) for your excellent creative contributions!  You hung with me while I rebuilt from the ruins remaining from The Progressive Pugilist firebombing and I am forever in your debt.

A special thank you to Cee-Cee from Peace-Up ATL for your incredible energy, positivity and technical guidance.  Without you, the reboot could never have gone so well so fast!  I can’t wait to see what’s coming up on Peace-Up after an amazing first year!

And thank you to everybody who keeps #The Resistance rolling strong in social media.  The strength and clarity of your voices helps keep our heads up during the toughest times- especially those of us who are bright blue warriors battling on red state battlefields.  Keep engaging, encouraging, and agitating and we’ll make it to the other side of the hell we are marching through.

And since there are no visiting hours in Heaven, I can only thank the two people most responsible for any of this work ever coming to be in this space:  my mother, Vanessa, who first believed in my voice; and my brother, Kevin, who first believed in my vision.   I know we’ll be together again one day!

DVH, Esquire


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