A Holiday Reminder That Together We Can Rise & Win With Love- Even In 2017

A lot of us were teenagers when the charity of famous musicians came to the forefront of popular culture.  Its a beautiful thing when those who are blessed with so much formally dedicate themselves to the most noble goal of sharing and spreading that wealth.  Our friends from the U.K led us off in ’84 with Feed The World.  And of course, the big dogs from team U.S.A. took it up a notch in ’85 with USA For Africa’s We Are The World.

More than three decades ago these people inspired us all to hope and believe that we could pull together as a human family and kill the hunger and starvation that swept across Africa from famine and war.  These good people made an impact but much more remains to be done after all this time.  As harsh as our politics have become on both sides of the pond, we need to pull together even harder now than we did back then.  Here is a great reminder of how pure our spirits and efforts can be.  Let’s do both songs- and then let’s double down on the work in 2018.


If love can draft enough soldiers hate ain’t got a chance in the war for our world my friends.  Hope to see you on the battlefield in 2018.

∞ π

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