MY (Conditional) STAND WITH KRISTEN GILLIBRAND (Strong Language)

Politics today moves so fast that it can be impossible for people who write about them to keep up.  I have been highly pissed off at New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D) for more than two weeks over what I felt was her opportunistic take down of Senator Al Franken.  Even before that I was pissed off about her seemingly stray commentary about how Bill Clinton should have resigned over his sex scandal almost two decades ago.  And frankly I still feel very raw about what she was doing.  And I was all teed up to blast off on her again today with another piece about the long-term ramifications of the self-serving sh*t storm she started.


But then I walk in on Mika Brzynski on Morning Joe GOING THE HELL OFF on the women who work with and for Donald Trump.  She took off on Ivanka and singled out Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for especially harsh criticism.  In short, her message was disavow what Trump tweeted about Kristen Gillibrand or step down from your position.  And she went on and on and on- with Joe sitting next to her with that look on his face that all men get when they know their woman is NOT to be f*cked with in that moment.  Mika has been hit very hard over the years for being docile and demur where Joe is concerned but not this morning.  So I rewound the segment to see what I missed and here it is:

Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!


So Donald Trump suggested in as public a forum that there is that Kristen Gillibrand, a sitting United States Senator, was willing to trade him sexual favors for his campaign contribution.   It is hard to pick just one, but I do believe that is the illest sh*t he has ever hatched out of that crow’s nest on top of his head.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Western Iowa Day Before State's Caucus

I count this as being even worse than that birther conspiracy that he rode to political prominence.  The reason is that nobody with any sense would even entertain that lie and it cost President Barack Obama absolutely nothing.

I am not suggesting that people actually believe that searingly sexist and overtly offensive comment that he made.  But I am suggesting that because we do live in a society that is struggling to throw off the heavy and bulky vestiges of gender oppression, there may be some people who would have a diminished view of Senator Gillibrand simply because Trump invited them to visualize her as a woman “begging” him for his support and being “willing to do anything” to get it.


That is foul and f*cked up and proves my original theory about Donald Trump- which is that he desperately needed his ass kicked a few times growing up and if he had we probably would not be dealing with his childish antics all these years later.

So thanks to Donald Trump, I have to stand down in my fair and professional criticism of Senator Gillibrand today to address his unfair and incendiary criticism of her.  I have to shift gears and tell everybody who reads me to stand with Senator Gillibrand and go into full attack mode in all of your communications demanding that all Republicans specifically denounce the President for his commentary.  If you are like me, a bright beam of blue light in a blood-red state you need to publicly call on your elected officials to denounce Trump- and if they don’t make sure they are stained for NOT denouncing him.  Women especially should be up in arms behind this bullsh*t regardless of your party affiliation and how much you hate Hillary Clinton.


I understand that Senator Gillibrand can fight her own battles and doesn’t need me to come rushing to her aid.  But my rushing to her aid is probably more important for me than it is for her.  Because when societal change is afoot, every member of that society has a moment of personal reckoning with that change and what it means to them.  I have always been on the right side on issues of gender politics but I can say with no shame that my awareness of gender oppression has been heightened by the #MeToo movement and the extreme fall-out.  I have examined my own life through every stage and want to make damned sure that I do my best to be more than well-informed and well-intentioned.  Being right on the issues as an individual is inadequate in a moment like this.  You have to affirmatively support those on your side and aggressively attack those that are not.


This is where we are now and so- for the moment- I am forgiving Senator Gillibrand’s political malpractice of this season and throwing all in for her against the attacks from the walking hemorrhoid we put in the White House in 2016.

But right after we dispose of Trump and the two-legged dinosaurs who cheer his every insult, Senator Gillibrand is going to hear from me in this space.  We have an opportunity to make lasting change here and we have to be wise in how we prioritize or we really could blow it all.  So for now, I’m With Her.

∞ π


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