Winning Message 4 Willing Democrats (Adult Language)

No American Left Behind.”  If we are going to be tribal, then let that tribe be the American tribe and include everybody from every walk of life and from every corner of the country.  Whether born American or here and want to be American, we’ve got each other’s back and will focus on raising the tide for all boats.


This is the message Democrats need to run on in ’18 and ’20.  It is short enough to catch and hold the attention of the ADHD voters out there who can swing an election.  Plus it has the added advantage of being the true distinction between Democrats and the Republicans who are basically running on the new and catchy slogan “F*ck All Y’all.”  But the Dems probably won’t do it.  These are the guys who come up with limp d*ck slogans like “A Better Deal” and “I’m With Her” and sit around wondering why they lost to whatever down-ballot clown-candidate Republicans pull out of their asses.

The reason why I am not a Democrat is because I have always been frustrated by their political ineptitude and weak messaging.  Barack Obama dominated the scene in spite of the Democrats, not because of them.  Bill Clinton hung on to power because he moved the Democratic party to the right consistently throughout his tenure to broaden the base.  He messaged well enough to pull it off but he left a bad legislative legacy of compromises for the party to live down. “Welfare reform” and “Get tough on crime” were a disaster as both policies and philosophies.

The reason why I am not a Republican is because I have always been disgusted by their political cravenness and deceptive messaging.  That whole “states rights” platform is bullshit I can smell a mile away because I didn’t sleep through history class in high school.  They have never given a f*ck about “states’ rights”- they care about “race rights”- most desperately wanting to make sure that white men maintain a position of advantage in American society regardless of how it may evolve around them.


So despite the fact that I am a registered independent it is nearly impossible for a Republican to get my vote- kind of like the whole Jesus line about a camel getting through the eye of a needle.  Something like that.

As we watch the GOP congress preparing for their ceremonial rape and plunder of the U.S. Treasury, it occurs to me that this is the big moment that they have been waiting for- and the moment that the Democrats are complicit in bringing about.  This tax “reform” bill is set to pass this week and it could not be more glaring and obvious who the beneficiary of this legislation is.  The filthy rich are getting everything they ever wanted and they are getting it in the ugliest way possible- at the direct expense of the CHILDREN of the rest of us.  When you add a trillion dollars to the debt for tax cuts, you are spending money now and sending the bill to the next generation of tax-payers.  I’ll be good and long gone by the time my four children’s children square that sh*t away.  So Trump is gorging his fat ass at the Treasury trough and charging it to this sweet little kid who has no clue what she’s up against.


It’s not like its money being spent by investing in the nation’s infrastructure or something that we will all share the benefit from.  It’s just cutting taxes to add more booty to Nikki Minaj.  She’s already got all she’ll ever need- adding more is just pure greed.  Then Nikki looks like K Michelle and that’s just ass overkill.

Just like having a billion dollar family fortune and giving yourself ANOTHER two-hundred million or so just for the hell of it.  At some point enough is enough- especially when so much needs to be done for the good of the country.  Schools, infrastructure, innovation and health-care overhaul could flourish if we put that kind of money behind it- which is what I understand is what the Democrats want to do.  Then everybody gets to come along on the road to progress.  Everybody can benefit and be better.  Then…  wait for it…. No American (is) Left Behind.

I hope they’ll find a way to use that- even if they have to work around the references to the impressive posteriors of Nikki Minaj and K. Michelle.  Or maybe they should leave it in there- it’s certainly a lot more eye catching than “I’m With Her.”

∞ π

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