FINALLY! Here Is The Solution To Sexual Harassment At Work (You’re Welcome)

Its Time For A Real Solution Rather Than Just Restating The Problem.

Progressive Express

It’s time to pivot to solutions because the problem is crystal clear.  The verdict is in and I get it.  Men suck as a species and we are well behind the evolution curve.  Barack Obama is who we are at our very best as demonstrated in 2008 but, of course, we had to follow him with choosing Donald Trump in 2016 who is the very worst reflection of where we stand as a group.  So it is rather obvious that American men have a lot of work to do.

Our cover has been blown and at least half of us are going to wind up unemployed, unemployable or at least damaged goods by the time this sexual misconduct purge peaks and eventually subsides.  That is absolutely going to happen and its just a matter of letting nature take its course.  I’m a lawyer by training and formerly by trade and…

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