PEACE, LOVE & POLITICS (a. P.E. Short-Take)

Whatever might be on your agenda for today, this is a good day- trust me.  Today is a good day because of what happened in Alabama last night.  Our nation’s political health is something to feel good about for the first time in 13 months.  Real good.  Like O’Jays good.  And if you know the O’Jays music at all you KNOW they can make you feel GOOD like nobody else.


This may seem like an over-simplification but anytime a state with a harsh, and cruel political history decides to defy the experts and the odds and buck a decades long trend to do something historical and inspiring, we can pause for a moment and just feel good about it.

Alabama did that last night when it elected a man who once stood up for little girls who suffered at the hands of an evil racist man instead of electing an evil racist man who once caused little girls to suffer at his hands.  And as crazy as it may sound, it was a big surprise.  But regardless of why, I believe that the Love Train we’ve been waiting on to circle the country again finally left the station last night from Birmingham, Alabama.

And like the O’Jays said, if you miss it I feel sorry for you.  Enjoy the ride my friends.  And in the immortal words of Don Cornelius, I wish you


∞ π

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