Alabama Saved America- And Maybe The World

I can’t remember being so happy to be so wrong in my life.  Of course my position that Alabama will decide for itself what it deserves was 100% accurate- but that point is always accurate.  I would have put down some serious money that Judge Roy Moore- the most disgusting and disturbing major party candidate for high office this side of Donald Trump- would be the next senator from Alabama.  And I would have lost that money.  So glad I couldn’t find anybody taking bets.  Lucky for me NOBODY else saw this coming either.

And because we didn’t, on behalf of all political commentators, bloggers, activists and progressive citizens everywhere outside the state of Alabama, I want to apologize to the voters of Alabama for underestimating you.  In our defense, it has been a pretty dis-spiriting 13 months since America committed its greatest electoral sin ever in rewarding Donald Trump with our greatest prize.  We had a little post-traumatic-stress-disorder going on and it made us gun shy about this race.


But you folks stood up and put the country and the world on notice that America can recover from our sins and emerge better than ever.  We need to keep reminding ourselves of that as we fight for survival in a Trump Presidency.  We are encouraged now because of you.

Women who step forward to hold abusers accountable for their misdeeds- no matter how old those misdeeds may be- won today when Roy Moore was denied the ascension to which he so clearly believed he was entitled.  He rode up on that horse on the morning of election day with the cameras rolling and he was really feeling himself- drunk on the fumes from Steve Bannon’s bourbon breath and still high on the hysteria of Donald Trump’s full throated endorsement rally last weekend.  He had gotten away with being a reprobate pervert by calling all of those women liars and now the voters of Alabama were going to wash the entire record clean for him by electing him to the Senate- or so he thought.  Those ladies who spoke out got the vindication of voters, the last laugh and the big win.

Beverly Young Nelson, Gloria Allred

Black folks were big winners too because they showed up and showed out for the man that stood for them to bring justice and closure for the murders of the 4 Little Girls who died in that infamous Birmingham church bombing five decades ago.  It was not a popular thing that Doug Jones did at the time but he did it anyway and black Alabamians were a big key to his defeating a racist who thinks America was great during slavery.  That kind of poetic justice happens too rarely in politics so when it does we have to take notice and applaud.


Evidently suburban white women won big, too.  Exit polls and voter narratives reflect that they ditched party loyalty in favor of character, values and truth and decided that their husbands and fathers may have been willing to vote for a damned child molester if they wanted to, but they refused to have any part of it.

But Doug Jones’ win was even bigger than that.  His victory saved America from continuing her downward spiral into darkness and despair.  America will never be “great” in this millennium with white supremacy as a mainstream ideal and political movement.  Roy Moore’s victory would have signaled exactly that.  Ironically, Doug Jones revived the Obama coalition and is actually the one helping to lead the march to make America great again- because it never can be while Trump is in charge and Trumpism is on the rise.  Since Trump won the Presidency, America has been in crisis but Alabama has stopped the bleeding and has cleared the way for take-off on our flight to redemption.


So thank you, Alabama.  I’m sorry I doubted you. I hope you won’t hold it against me because we’ve got to keep this momentum going for at least another two election cycles to make this progress stick.  Evil dies hard so we’ll need each other to finish the job of REALLY making America great again- like it was under Barack Obama, not Andrew Jackson or Donald Trump.  Just remember: “great” does not mean perfect so keep the faith when the skies get stormy.  But now we all know that thanks to you, we are undeniably in flight and on our way back.

∞ π

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