CALL ME AL (a P.E. Short-Take)

This short-take is in honor of my man Senator Al Franken who announced his resignation from the Senate on Thursday and has turned the political world on its ear.  Al is a smart guy and a damned good Senator but he turned out to be a little too forward from time to time with women in social situations.  Nothing violent, vile or criminal, just a little too much jerk here and there- or so it appears.  In short, he turned out to be like pretty much every man in America who occasionally does or says something offensive to women without really giving it enough thought or meaning any harm.  But as soon as it was called to his attention, he was very remorseful and he was unafraid to say so.  Most men worth a damn would do the same thing.  So to that extent,


So my thing right about now is “Call Me Al” because I’m gonna miss Al and he really shouldn’t be gone.  Paul Simon said it best back in ’85 when Al Franken was just getting started as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and he’s gonna say it here now for our friend.  Al, I really hope we see you again, blood.  You were down for the cause and so we are still down for you.  Think about making a triumphant return the D.C. one of these days.  You might be surprised at the support you get.  Being a man of character and owning up to your mistakes will make a comeback sooner or later.   In the meantime,


∞ π

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