Fight To Get To Your Higher Ground (a P.E. Short Take)

If you stopped by this blog you are a person who is plugged in to the world enough to know that all hell is breaking loose right now.  We are being overrun by news that is depressing, distressing and dispiriting- from what’s going on in our nation’s capitol to unrest and ill-winds blowing across the seas.  The bad guys are kind of on a roll right now.  And they know the good guys are watching them and planning the next move.


You might even have trolls and gremlins in your own life trying to blow an evil breeze your way.  But that doesn’t matter and they don’t matter either.  Any of them.  Because your own quest for your higher ground doesn’t stop regardless of what they do or say.  So whether your enemy is in the White House or in a little house on the other side of town or both you gotta do what you gotta do to reach YOUR highest ground.  They can talk sh*t and try to obstruct but you just knock their ass over and keep going.


If your enemies lose a few teeth along the way, that is their problem, not yours.  But if you don’t reach your higher ground that IS your problem. They can fix their teeth a lot faster than you can fix your life.

So Stevie is going to play us out on this one in a LIVE performance of HIGHER GROUND- a joint that never fails to get me fired up.  Kick ass and take names today, my friends.  And then go enjoy the hell out of your weekend.

∞ π

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