Many of us have known for years that the Republicans have been putting on an act- both the elected representatives and even a lot of the voters.  We have long believed that the things that they publicly claim to value and care about are just masks for something else- something that they know they can’t sell so they have to hide it inside of something that will.  Like hiding your dog’s heart-worm medication pill inside his favorite treat so he’ll swallow it without noticing.  Or like howling at the moon about your proud southern heritage when what you really want is to promote racism and white supremacy- just for random example.


Final and undeniable proof that this is true came in late last Friday night when most of the voting world was sleeping.  Senate Republicans took off their masks and the political paradigm as we have known it for almost fifty years was doused with gasoline and set ablaze.   I’ll “cliff notes” this thing for you:  Forget anything that you have ever heard Republicans say about matters of fiscal restraint because of this tax bill.  Forget anything you have ever heard them say about moral fitness because they are supporting a candidate who is a child molester.  Forget anything they have ever said about fidelity to this country because the president they kneel down to has proven himself to be more into his Russian partners than he ever has been with his American ones.  Everything they’ve said on fiscal or moral priorities was a bullshit sales pitch- a shell game to distract your attention away from who they really are and what they really want.


Republicans don’t give a good god-damn about the deficit.  Republicans don’t give a good god-damn about family values.  Republicans don’t give a good god-damn about public service or patriotism.  In the space of only a few days they’ve come out of the closet as the financially reckless supporters of a putative child molester and are openly aiding and abetting a traitor to our country.   None of this is in factual dispute unless you are one of those unhinged nut-jobs who believes in the “deep state” and if you are get your stupid ass off my blog.  This is not for you because, to borrow a phrase from Jack: YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.


But even if you don’t go that far, if you ever buy the GOP sales-pitch again, that is your dumb-ass fault.  After you went to sleep on Friday- and since they figured you wouldn’t watch the news too closely over college football championship weekend- the Republicans finally revealed themselves to be the reprobate politicians and servile pets of Donald Trump and the wealthy donor class.  And they did it at the direct expense of the rest of us- and that includes those sad cases in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania who shot themselves in the head last November just to “shake things up.”

After screaming and squealing, and crying and complaining, and posturing and pontificating about our national debt and budget deficits for every minute of every day that a Democrat has occupied the White House since Jimmy Carter, these assholes just added A TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE DEFICIT with a HUGE tax cut for the filthy rich.  That’s right.  A TRILLION DOLLARS.  We don’t even have ten black folks in America with a billion dollars yet and these boot-lickers just added a TRILLION DOLLARS to the deficit without getting a damned thing for it.  Don’t you motherf@#%rs EVER say another word about what ANYTHING costs ever again.

Your justification about so-called economic growth is completely unsubstantiated bullsh*t and only the stupid or the willfully blind  will buy into it.  Take that sustained 3% economic growth projection over the next ten years and shove it back up your ass where you got it in the first place.  That has never happened in the history of this country and we are not even growing the population fast enough to keep growth like that up.  Ezra Klein at Vox breaks it down so it can forever be broke and if you haven’t checked it out, here you go.  https://www.vox.com/2017/7/13/15964308/cbo-analysis-trump-budget


Besides, you can use that exact same explanation to justify funding ANYTHING that the country needs to do- not including being a bed-warmer for your jack-ass Republican donors.  If Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan really want to kneel down before them then let them do it themselves- trying to pull the rest of us down there with them is not cool.  I’m just not that kind of guy.  And there are so many poor people in Wisconsin and Kentucky that I cannot believe Mitch and Paul are able to go home and not get a Rand Paul beat-down as soon as they touch down- but I digress.

And for all of you folks from the “there’s a sucker born every minute crowd” don’t go too crazy on your tax cut of $150 to $250 per month because that extra grip you’re getting is only temporary.  But the rich folks’ gift is FOREVER.  Ain’t THAT a bitch?

One thing is for certain: we are about to find out how brainwashed Republican voters are and how weak-willed Democratic voters are- and the unchained GOP congress is betting big on both.  Because mark my words right after they work out the details of just how this tax cut for the new feudal lords is going to be distributed,  they are going to start killing off social support programs like its a bad dream we can’t wake up from- Call it A Nightmare on K Street.  They’ll say we can’t afford big things like Medicaid, and small things like Head Start or Meals on Wheels or PBS or Pell Grants and (eventually) carve up untouchable things like Social Security.  And they’ll do it all because (wait for it) the deficit is too high.  I bullshit you not- they are already plotting the pivot and they really believe they can pull it off.


To make it work Republicans are counting on the rank and file voter- the “unwashed masses”- to be too stupid to understand what they have done.  They figure that the lumpen proletariat will be too consumed with the whatever black person Trump is attacking each week or the Mexicans hiding in the bushes to rape their wives to realize that now he is going to have to work until he is 85 to survive and his parents won’t be able to live on their own anymore so they’ll have to move in with him.  And I hate to admit it, but they just might be right.  That guy’s Make America Great Again Hat doesn’t just shield his eyes from the sun, it shields his eyes from the truth.  With any luck, the rest of us may be able to knock it off his head so he can finally see what’s happening.

∞ π


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