BE F@#%ING NICE! (a PE Short-Take)

Life can be tough sometimes- for all of us.  It is very easy to get caught up in what is bothering us or not going well in our world and become callous to the plight of the people we come in contact with every day.  You just don’t know what somebody might be going through at the time when you encounter them so here is my (forceful) heartfelt request to you.  As you engage the world today make up your mind to


Don’t be an ass to other people because things may not be going your way at the moment.  Don’t take out your frustrations or troubles or worries or insecurities or concerns on people that have nothing to do with them.  They have their own to contend with and they don’t need yours too.  But a funny thing will happen when you just make up your mind to


You will actually feel better about what is going on with your life.  That negativity will start to give way to hope and gratitude and the energy will turn.  The world is funny like that:  Put good energy out and good energy comes back to you.  So please enjoy being a part of the big show today, my friends.  A lot of us made our curtain call yesterday and would love to be right where we are.  Good Luck & Godspeed.


∞  π

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