AMERICAN INFIDELS- A Time of Reckoning For Republicans

Roy Moore Lost But We Are Not Out Of The Woods Yet. These Warnings Still Need To Be Heeded.

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The reason why Judge Roy Moore is the most pivotal figure in American politics today is the same reason why Judas is one of the most pivotal figures in the Bible.  Judas’ betrayal was the triggering event for Jesus’ capture, persecution, crucifixion and resurrection.  That chain of events is commemorated and celebrated all around the world to this very day- thousands of years after they occurred.  Whether you subscribe to this account as an article of religious faith or as a matter of history, the fact is that betrayal at the very highest level is a central theme to the most enduring and influential story ever told.


And Roy Moore’s egregious betrayal of the oaths that he took and the values he was duty bound to promote will prove to be the triggering event for the awakening of a critical mass of Americans to the fact that our government has…

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CALL ME AL (a P.E. Short-Take)

This short-take is in honor of my man Senator Al Franken who announced his resignation from the Senate on Thursday and has turned the political world on its ear.  Al is a smart guy and a damned good Senator but he turned out to be a little too forward from time to time with women... Continue Reading →

I’m Black, and I think Richard Spencer Should Speak At The University of Michigan

Me & a mask

I’m Black, and I think Richard Spencer Should Speak At The University of Michigan

Before anyone gets too upset with me, let me make one thing clear. I find Richard Spencer to be a vile and disgusting human being, and wholeheartedly disagree with his ideology. However, with all that being said, I think it would be best for the University to allow him to come to campus. What’s more, I don’t think a single person should protest, strike, rally, or take any action that would disrupt the event.

Richard Spencer represents a problem that has plagued this country from its inception, but with a recent shift in our political climate the problem has only been exacerbated. He is a part of one of the worst groups in this country, a group that seeks to intimidate, belittle, and eliminate this country’s minority population. Spencer, and those who buy into his thought…

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