PE’s Play of the Day: Time Travel Tips

I think we all get it eventually.  The question is how much time will be left on the clock when we finally do “get it”?  The “get it” is recognizing what our purpose is and what really makes us happy in life.  The exhilaration of that self discovery is unlikely to match the devastation of realizing that we found out what makes us happy too late in life to really do anything about it.  If you are expecting to figure out the secrets of time travel so you can go back and relive your life armed with the new weaponry of clear vision, urgency and purpose I have a tip for you: Forget it.


Since you are visiting this site I consider you a friend and as a policy and practice I do NOT blow sunshine up his friends’ asses.  If I can’t give you truth you can use, I will opt for silence.  Stating it plainly:  I’ll never feed you that time honored line “It’s never too late” because it just might be too late for you to reach your ultimate destination.


But  that doesn’t mean that you don’t stride purposely toward your ideal self as soon as you can see clearly what you are truly intended for.  It may be that you will not make it all the way to your true destiny.  But I am betting that you will probably be a happier man or woman if you are at least on your right path when the clock runs out.

∞  π

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