The Washington Post Reminds Us Again: James O’Keefe Is A Dumb-Ass (Strong Language)

James O’Keefe is the kind of guy that keeps men of class, intellect and civility in touch with our animal kinship- and that’s a good thing sometimes.  However we may evolve culturally we should never forget that we have certain primal, animal instincts that deserve to be heard and need to be served every now and again.  And right now, my primal instincts make me want to beat the dog sh*t out of James O’Keefe until he begs for mercy or prays for death.  This guy has a ton of competition but I think he is the king of all assholes in the conservative/conspiratorial media cabal.  The reason is not because he has a great media following- most folks have never even heard of his Project Veritas.  He could never touch the audience of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or even that unhinged lunatic Alex Jones.

But O’Keefe provides them with juicy material from time to time- the kind of stuff that forms permanent narratives in the conservative media universe.  O’Keefe is the guy who sets up these stupid assed “sting” operations to supposedly expose corruption or hypocrisy in mainstream culture- be it in government agencies, non-profit organizations or major media outlets.


And despite the fact that this asshole is as dumb as a bag of hammers he has made an impact and a name for himself.  This did not happen because he is so good at what he does.  This happened specifically because of the weakness or weak spots in others.

Democrats tend to be scared of their own shadow half the time so when O’Keefe sent in that fake video tape of Shirley Sherrod of the United States Department of Agriculture  talking about how she discriminated against white farmers, the Obama Administration panicked and forced her resignation.  To their credit, they discovered less than a week later that the tape was a fraud- a major con job perpetrated by O’Keefe to prop up the phony narrative of widespread government discrimination against white people.


They offered her her job back and she appropriately told them to go f*ck themselves and retired instead.  They were lucky she was so gracious about it.

But the damage was done.  Also, O’Keefe is the guy who breathed life into the mythology that ACORN was not the non-profit organization helping to register citizens in urban areas to vote, but instead a secret cartel of government subversives who were committing widespread voter fraud in order to elect Barack Obama.  And that worked too because ACORN lost its funding after a video was circulated by O’Keefe purporting to be of a pimp and a prostitute (played by him and some young woman dumb enough to be seen with this dickless creep) getting information on how to make fake voter registrations.


This is ridiculous stuff- but yet it worked.  So yes, James O’Keefe is probably as sophisticated as Forest Gump but taking his tactics lightly would be unwise.  Accordingly, legitimate outfits are on high alert for his act which is part “Jack-Ass”, part Geraldo Rivera, and 100% bullshit.

So when O’Keefe got some dumb bimbo to contact the Washington Post with the most outlandish and incendiary charges against Roy Moore to date Stephanie McCrummen was ready for his ass.  This undercover operative- looking like a cross between Bozo The Clown and Madea- was sniffed out by Ms. McCrummen and the WAPO reporters who vetted her.  They found her “go fund me” page where she is asking for donations to help her expose the mainstream media for its bias and corruption.   How dumb is this person?

She wove a tale of teenage sex with Roy Moore, a pregnancy, and a forced trip across state lines for an abortion.  Too juicy to resist right?  Of course those big city big shots at that corrupt media empire would jump all over that and then prove that ALL  of the accusations against good ol’ Roy were false, right?  Not even close.

They exposed the clown, showed her the door, recorded the entire interaction, posted it all over the broadcast media, and then ambushed O’Keefe on the street with a cameraman and a reporter to turn the lights on bright and hot.  And just like the cockroach that he is, he scurried away from the light just as fast as he could.


So it looks like the Republican citizens of Alabama are not going to get a lifeline from the outside.  Nobody is going to help them feel better about ignoring all credible facts available and voting for a goddamned child molester.  The one who always dated “younger ladies for their purity.”  F*ck no.  You are just going to own that embarrassment to humanity lock, stock and two smoking barrels.  Roy Moore is not the victim of a conspiracy.  He is the victim of just being an asshole.  And James O’Keefe is not an investigative journalist taking on the powers that be.  He is just a jerk-off liar with a penchant for making lying ass videos.

Conservatives should be f*cking ashamed of themselves for even having men like this on their A-Team.  I understand that they can’t always help who wanders into their back-bench bleachers but they have elevated these creeps to a high profile and that is a horrible look for the Republican party and for the whole country.    Kudo’s to the reporters at WAPO.  I have criticized them fairly in this space when they have screwed up so I will gladly applaud them loudly when they do well.  And this time they have done GREAT.  Thank you, Ms. McCrummen.

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