What You Should Really Do With Sleeping Dogs

They say “let sleeping dogs lie.”  And they are probably right about that.  But every now and then we really do need to roust that sleeping dog from its slumber.  Maybe it’s been lying around so long, it’s starting to smell.  Maybe it snores loudly and it is getting to the point of being a disturbing distraction.  Or maybe you know that that sleeping dog is ill-tempered and a little crazy and it just might take a bite out of you when it wakes up on its own- no matter how careful you were to tip-toe around it.  Every problem or person you have decided to avoid is that sleeping dog, my friends.

So there are times when you just have to wake that dog up so you can put it down for good. 

That dog is occupying space that you cannot use to its full value because you are giving it up voluntarily.  But don’t be a coward and kill the dog as it sleeps.  Wake it up and face it as you put it down because, after all, you are the one who brought the dog inside.  So it is only fair that it gets a chance to snarl, bark or even bite back to save itself.  No matter.  You are the master and the master always wins out in a conflict with the dog.

So vanquish that dog with the appropriate dignity and respect and then bury it so that it can rest in peace- or at least be out of your space.  And then you can move on like a true master should.  Enjoy the peace, my friends, and the free space you have now that the dog is gone.

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