The Conservative Closet: Why Are So Many “Family Values” Republicans Gay On The Down Low? (Adult Language)

Republican hypocrisy is getting so pervasive that it is becoming the exception that is swallowing the rule.  Yet another Christian conservative “family values” right-wing politician has been revealed to be living a double life as a gay man.  Wes Goodman, a 33 year-old Ohio Republican State House Representative has been in the closet- trolling gay internet sites and engaging in gay sex for years.  He was even found to have fondled an 18 year old while the young man slept in his hotel room at a political conference for Christian conservatives back in 2015.  His star was on the rise, so it was swept under the rug.  What’s a little late night action between two young, strong and consenting Sean Hannity clones?


But this time there is a catch:  evidently several conservative political consulting outlets in Ohio were directly aware of Goodman’s gay life.  They made a calculated decision to let his secret identity as a gay man slide because they felt that he was such an attractive candidate that he might be able to produce consistent political results in the highly competitive state for many years to come.

So all the while ol’ Wes is out there promoting “natural, committed marriage” and railing against the equal legal status of gays in Ohio, he’s spending his nights dancing around gay clubs with no shirt on.  Which is cool if that’s your thing.  But if you are trying to sell folks of your state on why your party buddies don’t deserve your support after  you have done your business with them you are an asshole.


If anybody who identifies as a Christian conservative has stumbled onto this blog, I have a message for you.  First of all welcome to the other side of the universe and thank you for stopping by.  But second you need to understand that this is why people don’t like you.  And because people don’t like you, they tend to take steps to keep you at arms length or further if they can pull it off.  I won’t insult you by telling you that it is not personal because it is highly personal.  Your hypocrisy is beyond what most sane people are willing to engage in even if they can get away with it publicly.  Being true to oneself matters to other political tribes in a way that just doesn’t in yours.  You guys have a juvenile obsession with what other people do with their bodies and it has gone from being annoying and creepy to being hostile and dangerous.  And what is worse is that you will accept somebody who does all manner of objectionable sh*t so long as they do what you want them to do.  That reflects a sickness that none of the rest of us want to catch.  God forbid, we might wake up looking and acting like one of these assholes.

According to the Associated Press conservative political operatives in Ohio maintained that keeping Wes’s gay activities a secret was a part of their belief that they are so righteous that they were actually helping him to “work through” his imperfections.  Right.  They just so happened to be helping themselves keep the statehouse packed with jerk-offs willing to openly gay-bash and push a far right wing agenda with no reservations whatsoever.  So had Wes not pulled an outright re-enactment of Clinton-Lewinsky party inside his office in the Ohio statehouse with a male prostitute they would have just kept the deception going.


So here is the deal:  if you are a Christian conservative right winger I am extending you a standing invitation to STFU- now and in the hereafter you believe in. Your willingness to advance lies and deception along with your political agenda is getting you kicked out of mainstream society and leadership in governance.  You just can’t handle the rigors of governing and serving your citizens when you are so delusional about who and what so many of you are.

Do you really think that the rest of us don’t know that you hate gay people so much because you resent their freedom in living their lives in honesty about who they are and you desperately wish you could do the same?  You sell this image to the world but your reality reflected above is far different and you had to know the jig was going to be up on that sooner or later.

Well it is finally later and you are done.  Ohio Republicans have to take a hit over this and a big one- not for having a closeted gay man in their ranks- but for conspiring to keep him in the closet while running on a platform that advocates setting the closet and anybody in it on fire.  The more people know and understand the foulness of what you did, the more likely they are to fire your asses and turn Ohio away from you and anybody who looks like you.  I understand that we are in the era of a p*ssy-grabbing president and a pedophiliac senator but we all know how you folks deal with homosexuality.  That is the third rail for you guys so there will finally- at long last- be a reckoning at the ballot box.

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