PE’s Play of the Day – Expanding Your World

As hard as we work to get comfortable in our lives it is one of our greatest ironies that comfort itself is so often the enemy of our personal growth and development.  The more comfortable we are on a day to day basis, the less likely we are to make progress toward our highest selves.  In combating that dynamic we should try to keep this thought in the forefront of our minds:

You gotta go and see what else is out there in order to see what else is in you.  

The most certain way to keep growing and keep developing is by seeing and understanding more of the world.  There is so much out here to experience.  If we stay where we are comfortable, we will continue to see the same things.  And our world is bigger than that experience and much broader than the perspective it provides.  So expand your band-with my friends and see as much of this world as you can reach in your time.

∞ π

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