Billy Bush Is Even Worse Than Donald Trump & His Penalty Should Be A Trend

Last I heard about former Today Show co-anchor Billy Bush, his wife of 20 years was divorcing him and he had switched agents in a vain and desperate effort to resuscitate a media career that was gliding peacefully into the eternal light.  And I’m glad to see it.


Of course that’s not nice and my dear mother always told me to try to be nice, may she rest in peace.  But Mom was wrong about this one thing.  Some people don’t deserve my efforts to be nice.  They may not deserve to be flung out of a window, but they have fallen well short of the standard required for me to show them the gracious and generous side of my nature.

The last real impression that Billy Bush made on the world, he was playing the role of pathetic fanboy, sycophant and enabler to Donald Trump on an Access Hollywood bus en route to a guest television appearance.  It is not entirely clear if Bush was going to interview Trump or what exactly his official role was that day.  But what IS entirely clear is that Bush revealed himself to be a poor excuse for a man and a sickening example of why we have a culture of celebrity worship that is intrinsically tied to sexual misconduct.

In case you have forgotten about the recorded conversation between these two guys, here is a refresher that provides a little more information than what was all over television thirteen months ago:

It is obvious by now (and from this recording) that Donald Trump is always sitting on ready to boast and brag about absolutely anything that may be the subject at hand.  As it so often does with men of all character and backgrounds, the conversation turns to women- their looks, their allure and most importantly, his direct access to them and experience with them.  The problem here is that Billy Bush eggs on the entire conversation with the type of juvenile glee, snickering and pump priming that comes when a lesser man wants to invite a bigger man to be even bigger in the moment.  It is as if Billy Bush is saying: “Please, Donald, tell me more about what a big-time ladies man you are so I can look up to you even more!”


And of course Donald obliges.  But what is most disturbing about the pathetically under-performing Mr. Bush is that he is the one who gets off the bus and solicits a hug from the attractive young lady escort sent out to Donald.  Then, he asked for a hug for himself- you know, so he can get some of the cheap-thrill-crumbs that fell from Donald’s table.  Of course, the young woman obliges as she knows how to play the game out there.  During the course of the conversation, Bush continues to reveal his desperate desire to be the true object of the woman’s affection despite his feelings of inadequacy in the presence of Donald Trump.

It is a sickening display and is the hidden dynamic of the sexual misconduct purge sparked by the #MeToo movement.  When it comes to the high profile cases that we have seen- out of the entertainment world or political world especially- it is obvious that this dynamic is what drives so much of the bad behavior.  Men trying to impress other men off of the asses of the women around.  It starts in the halls of high schools (or maybe even middle schools) and just metastasizes from there.

Guys like Billy Bush want that hug from that hot actress any way they can get it and if they have to hit a bank-shot off of a big-shot to get it then so be it.


It is like the pecking order of the jungle- the biggest and most powerful lion eats first and the subordinates eat what is left.  And his shameless fanboy servicing was so craven that Trump himself says right in the middle of Bush’s snickering “you really are a p_ssy.”  Imagine that- both men were entirely aware of the dynamic operating between them in that moment and were at peace with it.  Considering the twisted dynamic between them, what are the chances that either of these men will demonstrate enlightenment in their engagements with women- desirable women especially?

Of course Billy Bush’s wife dumped his weak ass after that tape went national.  Men need to understand that you cannot wash the stench of weakness off of you.  Of course NBC had to get his rancid ass off the air.  He was still smarting from the on-air ass-kicking that he got from Al Roker for advancing some ridiculous defense of fellow spoiled douche-bag Ryan Lochte for being caught lying in the national media when news of this tape broke.


So he was already like the chicken being seasoned while the grease is popping in the fryer.

But now his career is as dead as fried chicken.  And although I never want to see this asshole again, we need to understand that for every one Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein, there are hundreds of Billy Bushes right there waiting to hear about the exploits hoping to gain some information and insight that might help them pick the bones clean of any meat that was left over.  They need the women they covet to be taken down a peg to two so that they can feel more accessible to them and getting handled right in front of them does the job like nothing else.  I am hoping that somehow, some way, those guys start to get what’s coming to them too.  May Billy Bush be the first of many.

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