Thanksgiving Special Play of the Day: Keep It Together For The Journey

Sometimes we are meant to fly solo and sometimes we are meant to travel as a pride.  Only you and your Creator know when it is time for what.  But one bit of shared knowledge we can all agree on is this:  However you are supposed to travel at a given time, you have to keep it together for the journey.


For better or worse, whatever it takes, just get there.  Reflect on the road you took but be sure to be present in the moment wherever your path happened to take you.  Your path may be entirely different the next time around but make sure you don’t squander the blessing of THIS journey contemplating the ones before or anticipating the ones to come.

In short, be thankful for THIS day and THIS time, my friends.  It belongs to you by gift of your Creator so make it count.  Good luck and Godspeed.

∞ π

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