PE’s Play of the Day: Fight Yourself For Yourself

It all comes down to you.  Whether you are flying high or laid low in a particular moment invariably comes down to what is really inside of YOU.  What you have chosen to be; what you have done to get where you are; how you have responded to opportunity and adversity; what it is that YOU really want to be, do and have.  Your enemies, adversaries and “haters” are more likely to be illusions that distract rather than realities you have to navigate-  they are imaginary obstacles blocking your way.

The moment you decide for them to cease to be a factor in your equation or a barrier in your path, they will no longer matter.

What will matter, and what always matters is what you are left with.  And that is your own will and skill to chart your course and execute your plan.  And you will have to fight  and win a great fight- an internal fight- to get where you ultimately want to go.  All you have to do is choose.  Good luck and Godspeed, my friends.

∞ π

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