PE’s Play of the Day: The Weekend Is Here- Go Have Some Fun!

One thing we can all agree on is that everybody LOVES THE WEEKEND-  So I’m giving a special shout out to Henry Ford this morning.  Why?  Because Ford Motor Company “invented” the workweek as we know it just about 100 years ago.  Sure, labor unions fought like hell and forced his hand, but Ford instituted it and we are still enjoying it to this day.  Of course we need even more paid time off in this country but at least we’ve got our baseline covered.  So to all of my friends, here’s a reminder of what the weekend is for


I thank you for stopping by today- you could be a million other places but at this moment you are here and I appreciate it.  If nobody else is thankful for you this weekend The Progressive Express is.  So go have some fun, my friends! It’s been a wild week so if you’re up to it have a wilder weekend…


∞  π


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