PUBLIC ENEMY IS BACK: A Play of the Day Tribute To The ORIGINAL PE!

The inspiration for the name that I gave this blog was the most important hip hop group of all time, the incomparable Public Enemy.  PE’s album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back was a cornerstone of the soundtrack of my youth.  Their combination of sharp intellect, political passion and raw aggression helped to shape my self-awareness as an urban teenager that has remained with me three decades later.  Now I’m the father of adult children and teenagers and in every way a responsible, professional adult- but when Bring The Noise booms through my car speakers, its jumping in there like 1988.


So as I take stock of where we are right now in America and the world, I decided that Chuck D, front man for the original PE was the best man to give us the phrase for The Play of the Day before many of us shift into holiday mode and start winding down.

All hell is breaking loose but there is tremendous opportunity for Progressives to turn the tide and get the nation and world on the right track amidst the madness.  From one of their all-time greatest hits He Got Game, Chuck D offered this insightful line:


Powerful and poignant in its simplicity- and perfectly suited for the moment.  After a year long nightmare, Democrats won big a week ago in special elections and this week Republicans are floundering on Capitol Hill and collapsing under searing scandals.  But there’s a long way to go before we can celebrate.  We can breathe but we can’t rejoice- not yet.  We have to stay level and focused until the job is done.  So we can’t afford to let the events of the last week go to our heads, just like we couldn’t afford to let the loss of 2016 go to our hearts.  Thanks for the memories and inspiration, Chuck, Flav, Professor Griff and Terminator X.  Y’all are as important today as you were back in the day. So contrary to the title of this piece, Public Enemy ain’t really “back.”  You guys never left. PE 4EVER.


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2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ENEMY IS BACK: A Play of the Day Tribute To The ORIGINAL PE!

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  1. “We’ve got to fight the powers that be”. I absolutely love it! Most important hip hop group ever. If we love this country like we say we do, then we have some work to do as a Progressives! Keep it coming, excellent work!


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