We Just Did What Under The Stars?? CONCERT NIGHT! by Zetta

People that live in or cities around Atlanta know of Wolf creek amphitheater. Those of you that don’t know it is a nice venue that host concerts outside. So my friends and I decided to go and enjoyed a night under the stars listening to Anthony Hamilton and Tank perform. My girl is such a huge fan and was dying to see Anthony Hamilton (let me tell it she is a fake fan, she did not know any of his work only the stuff that is played on the radio. I knew more songs than she did). The concert was quite nice. It was all about being out under the night stars grooving with the mature crowd having food, drinks and fun.

I can remember going to concerts back in the day and it was very different, not at all laid back but very much over the top. My girls that I rock with to this day use to be on some level 10 sh*t when we went to concerts. I can clearly remember one concert we went to, The Jay Z and Friends concert at the Phillips Arena.

TIDAL X: Jay-Z B-sides in NYC

We had great seats (you know the ones that you feel like you can reach out and touch the artist), and we also had a suite down stairs that we could party in and watch the concert on a wide screen, but we did the back and forth thing. We also had access to a private bar down there as well. So my girls were throwing them back (drinks that is) I was the designated driver (I was never a heavy drinker but I am always on crunk). They were so f%#ked up and I had never seen my girls’ act like that before… true WILD BANSHEES (laughing my butt off). People thought we all was messed up and thought it would be a free for all in our suite but they were wrong. Your girl Zetta held it down. They were so messed up they had no clue of what had went on that night (but I do.. smiling to myself) one of my girls had to go to the hospital the next day and to this day she will have a two drinks max…. You live and you learn- or should I say mature.

There have been so many concerts, but I must say doing to the concerts with the mature crowd is still a great time and I can definitely do a level 4-7 crunk. Don’t get it twisted the mature crowd can still turn up!


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