PE’s Play of the Day: It’s All About INCLUSION

The world is only a cold and hard place because it is too often controlled by cold and hard people.  People of clear mind and good conscience understand that there are bad things that happen sometimes that just cannot be helped.  Children come down with fatal illnesses. Old folks have accidents.  Violent storms destroy homes and take lives.  And sometimes we lose track of each other.  This is the “pain” side of “joy and pain”- the literal ying to the yang of our human experience.  But we do not have to magnify that pain by allowing coldness and hardness into spaces where it need not be.

If we govern ourselves with the spirit of inclusion rather than exclusion, the world can be a warmer and softer place for so many more people.  

The coldness and the hardness comes in and takes hold when people are focused on who they can push aside or marginalize rather than focusing on reaching out to bring in someone who could be left on the outside.  Let them know that they are a part of the same whole as everyone else- and that they too are a branch on the family tree of humanity.


Today’s “play of the day” is more of a plea to  my friends- find somebody you can help and connect with today.  Include them in something good that you have been blessed with and our world will be a warmer and softer place to be – starting with your own space.  We’ll figure out the politics later, but we can be good people and look out for each other right now.  On this day with all of the challenges of our world, I’m wishing you Peace, Love & Soul.

  ∞   π

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